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    Plague Years “Suffer”

    Not crazy about the Jamey Jasta vocals, but a ripper musically! Especially the last minute or so
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    Lamb o god Nevermore

    Damn! I’m digging this tune!🤘 reminds me of blood junkie off ATPB. Same LOG formula, but this fucker sounds a little fresher than their recent stuff. Hotter than satans nutsack right now so drink lots of beer fellas
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    Hey guys. Looking at getting a mid range$ keyboard. Thinkin some synth ambience, a little Hammond organ love, ala opeth, blackberry smoke, black crowes, tangerine dream. Any thoughts?
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    American Fool

    I heard ‘ hurts so good’ on the radio the other day, and the guitar tone really grabbed me. So, after revisiting Johnny Cougar for a spell, I gotta say that album rocks! What you guys think as far as gear to get that tone? Sounds pretty basic and straightforward, but it’s got a meanness to it...
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    Michigan guitar/amp repair

    Hey guys. Looking for input on who you contact for guitar work (refret, pickup install, etc) and amp maintenance. I can google, but the knowledge on here is great! Thanks in advance 🤘
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    Hey guys. Thinking of having stainless frets put in a esp eclipse. There’s binding on the neck, which I like. Would I lose the binding on a refret? Thanks in advance
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    Two Minutes to Late Night

    Just came across this you tube ch, “Two Minutes to Late Night”. Pretty entertaining? The cover song collaborations in particular.
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    Just heard Eddie passed away after a long battle with cancer. Damn...
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    New member here. been lurking for some time, about time i registered. 46 yr old rocker from Michigan.