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    Hypothetical question about selling a collectible / classic guitar

    Don't slay me guys, I'm just asking a hypothetical question.
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    Hypothetical question about selling a collectible / classic guitar

    Let's say I have a 1959 Les Paul in great condition and I want to sell it. I don't actually have one if you must ask lol. How would you go about trying to sell it with all the bullshit going on with reverb, etc. I'm curious to see how one would go about selling a high dollar value guitar if...
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    Pickup for bigger sound?

    Try a Duncan SH-5 Custom.
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    AFI Sing the Sorrow Album Gear?

    I remember someone here mentioning AFI and the Sing the Sorrow Album in particular having a great recorded guitar tone. I just listened to the album today and I agree that the guitar tone is great! Even though I'm a metal player, the guitar tones for this are excellent in my opinion. What...
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    New Gibson Adam Jones Flying V sig

    At the low introductory price of $7,999 Don't get me wrong, I love Tool but holy shit man
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    Floyd rose 1000’s. Junk!!!

    You should set it up and let the strings settle overnight then repeat. Floyds are a pain in the ass but once you get the hang of it, your good!
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    Anybody here try the Suhr Aldrich bridge pickup.

    I have the hot set in my seven string carvin. The comments above reflect my thoughts on this pickup which is good but for some reason I always go back to a Duncan SH 5.
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    16 Ohm 4x12 Cab Connection To Boogie Mark V Head 90 Watt Head

    Use the 8 ohm. Like said above the Mesa ratings are strange but for a 4x12 cab use the 8 OHM input for the cabinet.
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    Whats the best bedroom practice amp available?

    Triple Rectifier LOL I just had to say it. Seriously, I know it's over your budget, but I would look into getting a used Ax FX FM3. Pair that up with your monitors and you should be good to go.
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    12" and/or 15" speakers

    Now you caught my curiosity and make me want to build a 1x15 extension cabinet to pair up with my 2x12 cabinet! I think I understand what you mean if playing thrash because that's basically all I play! Also, I would think that it should help with a seven-string tuned to A. Maybe I'm nuts...
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    What is the difference between a tremo verb compared to a dual or triple rectifier? I know dumb question
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    What was your first rig? and first real rig?

    Wow I'm old LOL! Mid Nineties.... Les Paul with a Mark III which I still have with a 1x12 cabinet! Straight in and no pedals at all!
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    OPINION: Modern Charvels aren't that good

    I would love a basic single SH-5 in the bridge Original Floyd one volume black hardware with a gold dust color
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    Put everything on 6 and go from there! Crunch channel with a boost plus the NS2 and you should be golden!
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    Triple Rec clip in A

    You make the recto sound great! I never got along with a recto even with a boost!
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    Triple Rec clip in A

    Battle ready clips by otep please
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    Boat Anchor?

    Keep it. I still have my 100-watt TSL combo amp don't know what year? (Is there a way I can tell?) I hated the amp at first but once someone told me about putting a TS9 in front of the amp it came alive! I lived in channel 2 of my TSL with a boost! I need to fire this bad boy up soon, but I...
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    Whats the best solo of the 2000s?

    No one can top this! Thanks for bringing back the memories LOL. The technique is great!
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    Boat Anchor?

    Is it a DSL or TSL? I think the TSL's had the bias issue.