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  1. OUTLAW1969

    FOUND - Fryette Power Station PS-2

    Found a great deal. Thanks [mod edit] Please read the rules mate. Title fixed according to rule #15.
  2. OUTLAW1969

    Remembering Randy Rhoads 3/19/82

    33 years ago doesn't seem like that long ago. :( R.I.P.
  3. OUTLAW1969

    Excellent Deal - TrueTone500

    Worked out an awesome deal with TrueTone500, on a Gibson G0 Les Paul. Drove down and picked it up yesterday. FANTASTIC DEAL, FANTASTIC GUITAR, FANTASTIC SELLER !! :thumbsup:
  4. OUTLAW1969

    CCV Preamp Tubes - What are you currently using?

    So now that everyone is getting settled in with their CCV's, what tube combos are you guys prefering in V1-V5. I am currently using a NOS RFT in V1, C9's in V2-V4, and an LPS is V5. Sounds great, but wondering if anyone has stumbled across anything else that seems like magic ?
  5. OUTLAW1969

    CCV and FX

    Out of curiousity, what effects are you guys finding that get along well with the CCV (either in the loop or in front)? Hopefully this thread will not digress into "New vs. Old" CCV's, and focus more on what everyone is using for cool lead tones, and great rhythm sounds. I know Steve has said...
  6. OUTLAW1969

    **SOLD** Charvel Lynch - **SOLD**

    ******SOLD********** This is one of the Music Zoo limited run Charvels that Tommy had made for TMZ with his exclusive neck profile. I bought a solid color mahogany version, and immediately sent it to the painter to get the Lynch inspired matte finish paint applied. I will include the Kamikaze...
  7. OUTLAW1969

    Ideas for DOUBLING guitar

    What is your favorite way, or effect, to "double" your guitar for added thickness and texture (aside from multi-tracking)? I need ideas for an effect that I can use live, instead of double tracking. I have my usual methods, but just checking to see if I am missing something that you guys might...