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  1. moltenmetalburn

    Tube red plated.

    Red plated on me last night after making a bunch of weird noise at startup. Amp went silent and I looked and saw the redplating. Is amp potentially damaged or just need tubes? What should I check? Are fried resistors easy to locate? Burnt? No bad smell at all. Ordered a quad of output...
  2. moltenmetalburn


    I build clones pedals, touring guitar tech etc. I have three of these fresh builds brand new for sale at the moment if interested. I noticed some people asking for them so decided to post a few here. I usually don’t sell builds here at RT, I mostly build for pro clients. I can probably...
  3. moltenmetalburn


    All sold delete
  4. moltenmetalburn

    Red fasel max voltage?

    What is the max voltage a red fasel can withstand? Unfamiliar with inductors.
  5. moltenmetalburn

    Active Mount Nailbomb 7 set $190 ... ount-black Read all the details at reverb! :thumbsup:
  6. moltenmetalburn

    IEC cables 3 for $25

    Some random used IEC, 3 for $25.
  7. moltenmetalburn

    Lava Ultramafic flex patch cables

    A few sets of lava ultramafic flex patch cables. (6) 12” RA TO STRAIGHT (X2) $75 ... -cable-six ... cable-6-12 (4) 12” STRAIGHT TO STRAIGHT $55 ... le-four-12 Happy to...
  8. moltenmetalburn


    Zero issues. $100 each. Four loops or three plus amp switching or 3 plus A/b. Luddite simple programming. ... p-expander ... p-expander
  9. moltenmetalburn

    Gone delete

    Mint VFE standout. White with white LED. This is an early build by peter with the premium PRP resistors. :shocked: Yes it is overpriced. :D It is also the only one available anywhere at the moment and I need some cash. Too expensive? Don’t buy it. Don’t need your opinion on my price...
  10. moltenmetalburn

    Chase Bliss/Meris CXM 1978

    I want this bad for the tones, But not really into the size or the motorized faders. I almost bought mercury 7, glad I waited. What say you?! :confused: ... -cxm-1978/
  11. moltenmetalburn

    Remember when RT was all using Kingsley and TGP had no idea?

    Been laughing and crying lately that many of us tried all the kingleys pedals and liked them like a damn decade before this TGP waitlist hype. Had I known the pedals that were sold to me at a loss would command such high dollar prices I would have kept them all, sold them and grabbed another...
  12. moltenmetalburn

    Dunlop Q zone pedal

    I pocket bought a clone on reverb of this after stuffing phone in pocket hastily. It was $70 so I figured Id try it out anyway thinking Id prefer inductor based and sell it. I absolutely love it. :lol: :LOL Threw a compliment of better opamps in it and it was already rated to handle up to...
  13. moltenmetalburn

    Source Audio Collider is pretty great.

    Drove over to sweetwater and grabbed one, so far it sounds great! Anyone else got one yet?
  14. moltenmetalburn

    VFE standout new version, 35 total available. $175

    Badass indigogo campaign from peter at VFE, that includes an upgraded standout as well as other great perks. Lets get this fully funded! ... 22491222#/
  15. moltenmetalburn


    Cool and versatile tap Tremolo. $75 paypal At reverb: ... ypus-white
  16. moltenmetalburn


    One nick otherwise perfect. At reverb, will end auction for RTer. Paypal $85 ... noise-gate
  17. moltenmetalburn

    Neunaber Neuron thoughts?

    Got one of these used to try, still waiting. Few opinions out there, not many that great but I had to try it out for myself secondary to the midi control. Hoping it can fully serve as: Pre dist EQ OD Lead boost Compressor Gate (in front of amp) Clean “channel” preamp Doubt I will get along...
  18. moltenmetalburn

    Zuul clones available FYI

    My buddy who made me a custom zuul that sent my real zuul packing (lm4562 opamp swap at 12volts is glorious) is making a run as we speak, pre orders are up for $160. Jump if you’re into it. FYI the chip 4301 is obsolete now and becoming scare, this version will be rare soon and a redesign...
  19. moltenmetalburn

    Three VFE standout are available at reverb FYI ... al-b-stock I grabbed one to resell. ? Three left, jump!
  20. moltenmetalburn

    Delete gone ... 3-tc-clone MINT fortin 33/TC integrated preamp clone. toggle switches from one knob 33 circuit to fully variable TC Integrated preamp circuit. handmade item and looks it, not perfect, see pics for small character, marks, details etc. Do not expect...