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    Uber Shell

    Can't remember shit. Does a Twin Jet chassis fit in an Uberschall headshell?
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    Fane F70's

    If you are looking for a good speaker choice for the VH4, try the new Fane F70's. Just loaded my 412RL Diezel cab with them and they are fucking awesome. Less harsh than V30's with more of everything else. Steve
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    Looking for a Cornford MK50HII

    Where did they all go? If you have one you want to part with, give me a shout. Steve
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    FS: ESP Guitars (Hanneman, USA Eclipse, RZK)

    4 ESP's on Reverb. Links and more pics below. Hanneman Kiso in Camo with Eagle inlays $4000 shipped Hanneman Kiso Black with Eagle inlays $2700 shipped USA Eclipse SOLD RZK EII $1800 shipped...
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    WTB: nothing

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    Gibson Les Paul - Billy Gibbons Pearly Gate VOS

    2009 Gibbons Pearly Gates VOS #201 of 250. $8300 shipped See Reverb ad for more pics and info.
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    Gibson Limited Slash 1958 Les Paul ‘First Standard’ SOLD

    *** DO NOT DELETE THIS AGAIN *** Gibson Limited Slash 1958 Les Paul ‘First Standard’ #8 3096 VOS #48/100 limited run. $6000 ppd and shipped. Here's the Reverb link with more info and pics.
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    Gibson Custom Shop Limited Slash Anaconda Burst - SOLD

    #28/250 Custom Shop limited run. Not to be confused with the US production model. $3900 shipped. Price reduced due to player wear. See Reverb ad for more info and pics.
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    A very cool.......
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    Custom Canadian Vintage 2017 Wizard MCII-40W with 4x6V6 power section. Full size chassis. 120V. Mint and loaded. Blue LED's. $2750 PPG (or fees on you) and shipped international post with tracking. No trades. More info and pics here:
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    Minty fresh. Both sold.
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    This is how you ship an amp.....

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    5881's in a VH4

    Flip your VH4 to 6L6 mode on the chassis and try a quad of Sovtek 5881's. You will be surprised.
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    Bogner Uberschall

    2016. Minty fresh. Manly man black bronco Tolex. FS. 120V. Original box and packaging. $2000 PP'd and shipped ESP/Post international.
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