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    Need help/info for Peterson Strobostomp!

    Hey guys, I'm looking for a Tuner that has a built in ĐI thật cẩn run off phantom power. THe only two I could find are the Baggs Venue (overkill and pricey) and the Peterson Strobostomp VSS-C Classic. However, the Strobostomps manual says it's ĐI can be powered via phantom. It's not entirely...
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    Semi Rare Gear...Mountain Amp

    Finally got around to doing some photos of my Mountain Amp. The now defunct company was based in Vancouver and made small amps with wood cabinets, mostly maple. This one was supposedly made for a NAMM show and features a solid Koa cabinet. Never seen another...
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    Bugera AC60 NAD & Review

    A new Bugera arrived yesterday and after letting it run for 24 hours I've tried it out. It seems as loud as I would expect for a 60 watt amp into a single 8" speaker. EQ flat compared to my Yamaha DBR10, both on the floor about a foot from a wall, I like the DBR10 a little better but a tweak of...
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    Joyo JE-307 barndoor pre-amp mini-review

    I just finished restoring/rescuing a neglected Martin DRS1 that had a hole in the side. So, I squared off the hole and installed a Joyo JE307 (super ultra cheap) pre-amp, mostly because it had a built-in tuner and covered the hole nicely. I just fired it up and played a little. I am very...
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    Fishman Prefix T system: problem appears, then disappears

    This is a weird one. Playing a gig last night with my CA guitar and its Fishman Prefix T system, and was noticing I just wasn't dialing in my usual good sound out of it. I tweak it some and get it OK but it still never seemed quite right. Then, an hour in, I start getting this rumbling and...
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    Can anyone ID this pickup?

    This pickup was installed in my 000-15s when I got it about four years ago. The guitar is a 1999 model. I thought the previous owner said it had a K&K but I may be thinking of a different guitar. He also said there were two pickups wired in stereo. I looked inside today and this doesn't look...