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    Got my first car with balls

    Nothing fancy to anyone into cars. 2017 Daytona 5.7L. I went from a 4 cylinder to this so it's a big step up for me but it's no Scat Pack. 370HP, 395lb torque where as the Scat Pack is 485HP and 475lb-ft. It is roughly $8k - $10k difference between the 2 and I just couldn't afford it. My car...
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    Shure sm57 with case and cables.

    $125 shipped. The mic is in excellent condition. Comes with shure soft case, hardshell case, xlr cables (m to f) and pop screen.
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    Sold - Marshall Origin 50 Monomyth

    Never thought I'd sell this but priorities change. Probably the best and most agressive sounding amp you can find in this price range. Shea's work is incredible and this sent my Fortin amp packing. This does not have an FX loop. I will include the factory footswitch but it doesn't do anything...
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    Probably will regret this one but I just bought a car and well you know the drill. Hands down the nicest guitar I've had. Sounds and plays incredible, tight fit and it's just bouncy as fuck $2,100 shipped conus no trades unless it's for a 100CL plus cash or a BM75-LD 16 ohm plus cash.
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    I've seen this on other sites and I think it should be added here. Seems the mods are trying to make this a better place and idk, maybe forums are just dead now but on this forum in particular people can do whatever they want and it's ok. Personal attacks, slander, sabotaging classified...
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    $50 shipped. Went on a tube spree and starting to list the ones I won't use. I do not have a tube tester but I will paste the description from the ebay ad that I bought this from. Since ive got it, I compared it to other tubes 2 or 3 times. Probably didn't even add 20 minutes of play time but...
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    Excellent shape, small scuff on bottom. Comes with box and power supply. $90 shipped.
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    Excellent shape, only used a few times. Just dont need it anymore. $180 shipped
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    Excellent shape, no scratches just has a little oxidation or whatever on the front where the battery lock is. $180 shipped
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    One tiny ding as seen in picture. $210 shipped
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    G12H-30 anniversary quad

    Bought these brand new in an avatar cab for a specific amp I no longer have. Only a couple of hours of play time at best on them. 16 ohms. I have a quad but will sell in pairs. No singles please. $400 obo for the quad. If you want a pair lets talk.
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    Cerberus Erebus

    $800 plus shipping. Great guitar, sounds killer is a perfect weight imo and plays great. Just not using it and need to free up some cash. One imperfection inside pickup cavity as seen in picture.
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    WTB: BM75-LD 16 ohm

    If anyone has one to sell.
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    Awesome deal with Emg77

    Sold me a pair of M75s, great shape, good deal and fast shipping. Thanks
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    Badass snare in mint condition. Was used for a few hours and has a couple of hits on the head. $250 shipped.
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    Would you file a complaint in this situation?

    I just posted my NGD but I was a bit annoyed with the USPS driver. The package required a signature. That is an option for a reason, well it was raining outside and apparently the driver was going to melt or something. The doorbell rang, I work from home in the same room as my front door, I...
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    NGD - LTD Black Metal M-FR

    Pretty sweet guitar. Just got it in a trade, delivered a few minutes ago. Have wanted to try the Black Winters for a long time and I am happy with them so far. The guy had it set up with an insanely low tuning so I need to restring and adjust but so far so good. Had to make an attempt at a...
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    Dropped to $90 Used in very good condition. Pulled out of a Cerberus guitar and verified by the builder to be accurate. This is the bridge pickup from the Patrick Sheridan signature set. There is 8 inches of lead and what I believe to be 53mm. The guitar has a hipshot bridge and lined up...
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    A little dusty but works fine. 4 ohm speaker. $60 shipped
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    Dropped to $200 shipped