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  1. Jugghaid

    DIO: Dreamers Never Die

    Saw it in the theater when it came out. It's excellent.
  2. Jugghaid

    Cheap Solid State Ultra High Gain Suggestions? (pantera / white zombie tones)

    I was gonna suggest the vh-140c. Never shoulda sold mine.
  3. Jugghaid

    PRS USA quality continues to impress me

    I have a 2019 core Tremonti and it's an amazing guitar.
  4. Jugghaid

    ENGL Artist Edition

    Ok have the Inferno and it is awesome. In fact that back panel shot is my amp.
  5. Jugghaid

    Bogner Ecstacy History

    I think this is the problem. :D
  6. Jugghaid

    Favorite pickup for metal.

    EMG 81/85 (and 81x/85x) SD Black Winter BK Aftermath
  7. Jugghaid

    Best sounding ENGL amp demos/recordings?

    The choptones demo of the Inferno is scary accurate. I have that head and it is spot on.
  8. Jugghaid

    Best sounding ENGL amp demos/recordings?

    Nice guys too. We opened for them here in Denver several years ago.
  9. Jugghaid

    Top 5150 Tones!!

    Machine Head - The Blackening may be my all time favorite heavy album.
  10. Jugghaid

    Jeff Healey was a bad ass

    Looks like Marcus Miller on bass
  11. Jugghaid

    How about them Waza headphone shits?

    I have the waza and I really like it. It's great for sitting on the couch and practicing running scales, noodling around, makes a really really good practice tool. Is it going to sound as good as my amps I have in my recording ? no. But it does the job it's intended to do. It's nice that you can...
  12. Jugghaid

    Driftwood Purple Nightmare....What a disappointment

    Also, not a huge fan of the Diezel sound. Great amps, just not my sound at all.
  13. Jugghaid

    Andy Timmons is phenomenal!

    I'll mess with it and let you know. I let my buddy borrow it this week as he is thinking about buying one.
  14. Jugghaid

    Andy Timmons is phenomenal!

    Yes on the simple 500 ms. But it's more of an analog delay. They call it an analog rack mount delay type.
  15. Jugghaid

    Andy Timmons is phenomenal!

    My favorite all around player for quite a while. His playing and tone is ridiculous. Halo great too.
  16. Jugghaid

    Where do you guys get your tubes?

    Viva tubes has always been good to me. And their matched sets actually match. Tube prices are stupid still but slowly getting better I hear. Luckily I'm stocked up for a good 20 years. Lol.
  17. Jugghaid

    Driftwood Purple Nightmare....What a disappointment

    Sorry you didn't like the Driftwood. Haven't played one but not all amps are for everyone. I love my Hughes and Kettner Triamp Mark 3 and my Engl Inferno but I've heard other people say that it's not their sound at all. I don't care for the 5153 or the DSL 40 and other people love them...
  18. Jugghaid

    OPINION: Modern Charvels aren't that good

    I love my Japanese Wildcard and my MIM promod San Dimas. The wildcard is a better guitar. But both rock the house.
  19. Jugghaid

    You old guys Remember ‘we are stars’

    Total cheese, but it was for charity and I think these guys felt left out with Queen and Bowie and U2 etc getting a lot of kudos for live aid and other similar deals. And these guys were at the top of their games. The cast is a who's who of 80s radio metal. Tons of talent on this.