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  1. eljodon

    EVH I'm the One Kemper.

    I'm using my Kemper with my Metro/Friedman plexiglass profile
  2. eljodon

    Furman PQ3 and PQ4 replicas in pedal form is now available!

    To anyone who likes Furman PQ3 and PQ4 racks there's a company that makes replicas in pedal form. I purchased the PQ3 pedal version and it sounds extremely close to the rack(perhaps 95%!) The company is called DBeffects PH and they make other replicas like the MXR doubler in a pedal. It's a...
  3. eljodon

    Kemper '68 Custom Vibrolux Allesandro Profile blues track

    This is me playing a blues track that I wrote awhile ago testing my '68 Custom Vibrolux Allesandro Kemper Profiles. 0weZnqybCFk
  4. eljodon

    Kemper Profiler and VH "I'm the One"

    I profiled my Metro/Friedman 68 Plexi trying to get an approximation of VH early tone. The amp was set with all knobs on to using the internal variac set at 90 volts using BH75 and M75 Scumback speakers. I'm wearing a neck brace because I just had surgery(3 level cervical fusion) I'm using a...
  5. eljodon

    Dave, why can't I find a parametric eq as good as the PQ3?

    Hi Dave.I just purchased the Empress ParaEQ and it was a total disappointment! I also tried the TC Electronics 2240 and it still doesn't sound as good as the PQ3 I'm trying to find a parametric eq that sounds as good as the Furman PQ3 or PQ6. I would like to put all my pedals and eq's on a...
  6. eljodon

    How long does Suhr usually takes to service an amp?

    I dropped my PT100 at the Suhr to get it serviced at Lake Elsinore and it's been there for almost a month! Anyone had to wait that long for their amps to be repaired? Dave Friedman is really good about getting my amps done at a reasonable time despite how busy he is!
  7. eljodon

    Good news for Fryette's Power Station

    I purchased the Fryette's Power Station awhile ago and when I brought it home to try it I really loved it but it was missing some top end or "air " so I knew it had to have a low pass filter because I wasn't getting the sparkle that I like to hear with my guitars especially my Strats. I asked...
  8. eljodon

    My new amp set up!

    It's almost finished, I have 2 Furman PQ3 which were being repaired. I needed some of the pots repaired. I'm using the Ampete for switching 4 amps.I'm also using a new modified Power Station as an attenuator. I'm not using the Ampete's fx loops,instead I'm running a Boss GE 10 and a Hush Super C...
  9. eljodon

    Question about the Ampete 444

    HI Dave, I have a question about the Ampete since I'm planning to get it from Rack Systems. If I'm using a combination of master volume and non master volume amps could I use an attenuator between the speaker and the speaker out of the Ampete? Could I also run an attenuator on a non master...
  10. eljodon

    Any suggestions on which Suhr pickups to buy?

    I want to try out Suhr pickups. I usually like a a clean to mild power pick up that's bright, but I would like to try out a slightly hotter pickup that's a bit hotter than the PRS 59/09 (my current favorite) and that you can split the coils. Any suggestions on a Suhr pickup that can achieve...
  11. eljodon

    Scumback 68/69 SL Plexi and Metro/Friedman

    This is a fun jam that I came up with using the Scumback 68' SL Plexi and the Metro/Firedman 68 Plexi. I used the Scumback Plexi for all the Rhythms and main leads and the Metro/Friedman for the rest of the leads. I used a Strat for all of the rhythms and most of the leads and a Warmoth Strat...
  12. eljodon

    Metro/Friedman with 6ca7 clips

    Hey Dave, here's a couple of clips of the Metro amp you modded for me to be like the Metro/Friedman Plexi with 6ca7
  13. eljodon

    VH Feel Your Love and Metro/Friedman 68' all on 10 slaved

    Recorded this with a Metro Friedman 68' cranked at 90 volts
  14. eljodon

    VH Romeo Delight using Metro/Friedman 68' Plexi slaved.

    Using my Metro/Friedman at 90v all on 10, slaved into the power amp section of another amp through a Marshall loaded with 2 Scumback BH75 and M75.
  15. eljodon

    Is my amp out of phase?

    Hi David, I have a Marsha that you modded from 50 to 100 watts, installed an effects loop and did some tweaks and when I re amp the Marsha to blended it with other amps ,it sounds out of phase.I have to reverse the phase on the track by adding a plugging or flipping the phase switch on my mic...
  16. eljodon

    Metal track recorded with Friedman amp

    My Friend recorded the guitars parts for his album in my studio using a Friedman Marsha that was modified my Dave to current specs like the BE100. It use to be 50 watts and Dave made it into 100 watts and tweaked the preamp and added an effect loop. The amps was slaved into a Mesa Boogie 2 90...
  17. eljodon

    My new Dirty Shirley arrived!

    I just got my new Dirty Shirley on Saturday! I really love this amp, the tone controls are very effective and voiced just right. I find myself using the low sensitivity input the most with pedals like the Fulltone OCD and a MXR Eq in front. The high sensitivity input also sounds great. I tried...
  18. eljodon

    Getting my amp fixed

    Hi Dave I dropped my amp about a week ago, how long does it take to get my amp looked at? It's a Marsha 50w HBE/BE serial # 0024 and it keeps blowing power tubes, the transformer is quite loud compared to my other amps, and the amp squeals when I turn the Presence control up. I...
  19. eljodon

    My new Warmoth build that I put together!

    This is my new gutar I just put together using Warmoth parts. It's a chambered body, Flame Maple on Swamp Ash, Quarter Sawn Maple with Quarter Sawn fretboard, Scalloped, 6100 Stainless Steel frets, WCR GoodWood on the Bridge and DarkBurst on the neck( both pickups, Planet Waves tuners, Floyd...
  20. eljodon

    WCR pickups are awesome!

    I installed a bunch of WCR pickups in some of my guitars and I'm very impressed! I installed the CherryBucker bridge on my 64 Strat, a DarkBurst bridge on my custom Warmoth Strat, a Crossroads set on my 88' Silverburst Les Paul showcase edition, a set of WCR Strat pickups on my 94' 57 reissue...