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  1. ProgFree

    Koch cab

    Hi Guys. Is there any Koch 4x12 or some other cab similar in the store? The search for Koch does not give any results. Maybe under another name?
  2. ProgFree

    cab in the TN store

    I would like to download again a cab that I was using a while ago called Ractofire but can't find it in the store. Does it have a different name now or has it been removed? How can I download it again? Thanks!
  3. ProgFree

    JJ kt77 reliability

    I'm changing tubes in my VH4. How are other users experiencing JJ KT77 quality now? I just bought a quartet last week and had a faulty tube. A friend of mine bought also more or less simultaneously and had two faulty ones. I like their tone but would gladly skip such problems. And how about...
  4. ProgFree

    Greg's guitars

    Wtf are these prices for used Les Pauls? :confused: ... _Paul.html
  5. ProgFree

    Cab with JBL D120

    I know that there's a 1x12 cab with those but is there any 4x12 with JBL D120 speakers in the online store? Cheers
  6. ProgFree

    Fender Strat Jim Root

    Am looking seriously at this guitar because I am thinking of buying a guitar with a strat body, fixed bridge, and preferably in mahogany. This one fits the bill, please tell me about it good folks. Is it heavy? worth the $? Cheers!
  7. ProgFree

    VH4 clip - full mix

    Testing my VH4 onto the two notes tp live using the mesa stock cab. How does it sound for you guys? Have not used a lot the stock cabs (have been using almost exclusively the redwirez stuff) but am exploring the stock ones now. 90bdsvxQ1iA
  8. ProgFree

    VH4 with 6L6

    A couple of months ago I've tried JJ 6L6 tubes in my VH4 and am loving it. I was running the bias at 66 mA (pair) but yesterday tried sinking the bias. After some testing got to the sweet spot of to 61 mA (if we want to be pedantic 61.4 ^^ ). And that's tonal heaven for me! Tighter bottom end...
  9. ProgFree

    What's up with Metallica?

    They don't care anymore? This vid made me sad in a way :no: LK0d4ATFN30
  10. ProgFree

    Marshall plexi and Live

    I know that the 100W version can go way over 100W, but I wonder about the 1987x 50 W, is it safe all the way? Cheers!
  11. ProgFree

    NAD Marshall 1987x

    So I've got it today, new, and am quite happy with the purchase. Great tone out of the box, classic sounds galore. Though, I am amazed at how close to the plexi the channel 2 of the VH4 sounds with el34 power tubes. Recorded a test with the Marshall into the two notes torpedo - yt link below if...
  12. ProgFree

    Recordings with the VH4

    Since I have been getting some messages in rigtalk about some videos that I've posted before asking about the VH4 settings, signal chains and what the VH4 can do etc (btw thanks for the kind words by some of you guys :) ) I thought of leaving here two links for two mini-albums (metal/heavy...
  13. ProgFree

    Mini-album recorded with the Torpedo Live

    Hi guys. I wanted to share the spotify link to my mini-album where all the guitars and bass have been tracked with the torpedo live. It is a quite varied recording, starts mellow and ends heavy ^^ Everything was played/sung and mixed by myself. Take a listen if you are curious to know how it...
  14. ProgFree

    Torpedo Live sample rate

    I know this has been answered by Guillaume some time ago but I have to bring it up again. The Live is a great unit, just tracked an album with it and everyone was happy. But I have to point the choice of sample rate: It would be a great improvement if 44 kHz would be available instead of 96. 44...
  15. ProgFree

    Torpedo Live with Diezel VH4 - video

    Have been very busy since I got the Live but had a bit to record a short track with it. Went for a crunchy sound and alternated between powerchords/more exotic ones and riffs. That is a headphones mix made late in the evening. The live is a great unit! :thumbsup: rab38jUb8CY
  16. ProgFree

    Torpedo Live at 44.1 kHz

    Any chance of having the Live running at 44.1 kHz when connected to a soundcard via spdif?
  17. ProgFree

    Live, connectivity and arcade

    Got the Live some days ago and I am very thrilled with it. Great piece of gear! :thumbsup: I wonder what you recommend in order to connect the spdif coaxial of the Live to the optical toslink of an RME babyface for example. I would also like to have all the torpedo presets as simulation, is...
  18. ProgFree

    Torpedo Live vs Studio

    Am about to order one of these two. The live would fulfill my needs but am curious about the studio after watching the Steve Stevens vid. Are there some clips with a direct comparison between the two? Does the non-linear impulses of the studio translate in a much more realistic sound and depth...
  19. ProgFree

    Marshall Silver Jubilee reissue

    I am thinking of buying one 'cause love its tone in Steve Morse, Bonamassa etc There was a huge hype before the amp was released but there is little about on in the web now. Can you guys share your experiences with this amp? Cheers!
  20. ProgFree

    VH4 playing on 10

    VH4 with the master volume on 10. That was neat with channel 2 engaged. What can I expect regarding the life time of the powertubes? Are there risks for the amp provided that it is plugged to the right cab? Peter could you please chime in?