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  1. Peter Diezel

    Diezel serial numbers

  2. Peter Diezel

    Diezel Midi Switching with Axe FX

    Please see attached service manual last chapter.
  3. Peter Diezel

    (Fixed) Diezel Herbert blown transformer?

    Please first remove the power tubes and replace the main fuse. If it runs check the screen grid resistors. My email is service (at) diezelamplification (dot) com. Thanks, Peter.
  4. Peter Diezel

    Diezel serial numbers

    Thank you for the kind words. It was 2003. Best, Peter.
  5. Peter Diezel

    Diezel serial numbers

    Ich kann nicht zaubern, aber Dein VH4 ist von 2001
  6. Peter Diezel

    Einstein not switching to channel 2

    Please contact blad (at) boutique amps distribution (dot) com
  7. Peter Diezel

    Diezel serial numbers

    Its built November 29.2021 10:38
  8. Peter Diezel

    Power Amp Tubes- What Does Papa Diezel Recommend?

    JJ is closed till 2022. We use the 6L6CM RED BASE at the moment.
  9. Peter Diezel

    Diezel VH4-2 pedal

    Makes it sense to use the guitar plug into the return for clean sound ?
  10. Peter Diezel

    D-moll and Boss Es-5 Help, I'm an idiot

    The midi through jack was not installed by us.
  11. Peter Diezel

    Diezel gear availability in Europe

    Please send an email to peterstapfer (at) diezelamplification (dot) com Thanks, Peter
  12. Peter Diezel

    Best customer support

    Thank you so much.
  13. Peter Diezel

    NAMM 2020

    Booth is 5238 Hall D We have the VH Mini and the final VHX.
  14. Peter Diezel

    Happy New Year

    Happy New Year to all. Have a great 2020.
  15. Peter Diezel

    Happy Christmas

    Happy Christmas to you.
  16. Peter Diezel

    NAMM 2019

    We are at booth number 5238 and have a new amp. Please stop by.
  17. Peter Diezel

    NAMM 2018

    We are at booth # 5238 Stop by and meet Peter Stapfer
  18. Peter Diezel

    Happy New Year

    Happy New Year to you and yours :rock:
  19. Peter Diezel

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas to you and yours :rock:
  20. Peter Diezel

    NAMM 2017

    My partner Peter Stapfer will be at booth # 5466 within two new products. Sorry, I will miss you. Peter