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  1. Webb

    Anyone have UPS lose a package?

    So I bought a used Boss TAE off Reverb a few weeks ago. UPS tracking showed it was out for delivery on Monday, 6/8. However, I was there all day and no attempt at delivery was made. The next day tracking just said “delivery status not available. Please check back later”. Here we are almost 2...
  2. Webb

    FS: Ampeg System Selector 8 amp / 8 cabinet switcher-SOLD

    Selling an Ampeg System Selector which can switch between any combination of 8 amps and 8 cabinets. Good condition and pretty handy for all you amp hoarders here. These don't come up for sale too often. Asking $400 shipped. -sold on Reverb-
  3. Webb

    WTB: Boss Waza Tube Amp Expander

    A few weeks ago someone was selling a Boss TAE on here for $850. I can’t find the post now so maybe it sold. Does anyone have one they are looking to move? I also have some trade bait to offer (Suhr RLIR or Fryette PS-2). Thanks.
  4. Webb

    FS: Universal Audio Ox Amp Top Box-sold

    For sale is a gently used Universal Audio OX Amp Top Box Attenuator / Reactive load box. I have two of these and only need one. Sounds great and the new update adds a ton of killer features/cabinets. SOLD A More Flexible Way to Use Your Tube Amplifier With the Universal Audio OX Amp Top Box...
  5. Webb

    FS: Universal Audio x6 Thunderbolt 3 Audio Interface

    Universal Audio Apollo X6 Thunderbolt 3 Audio Interface Open Box. New condition...never used. Includes unopened/factory sealed accessories box (power supply, documentation, etc.). I purchased this brand new from an authorized dealer with the thought of expanding my UA Apollo system but never...
  6. Webb


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  7. Webb

    NGD - Gibson Les Paul Custom

    So I never was a Gibson guy in the past but apparently I'm turning into one in my old age. In the past few years I've picked up a 2013 Les Paul 1959 RI and a 2011 LP Standard, but have long lusted after a Les Paul Custom in Cobraburst finish. You don't see too many in that finish but I finally...
  8. Webb

    Line 6 Helix Floor-SOLD

    Selling a gently used Line 6 Helix floor unit. Home use only - never gigged. Will come with original box plus a brand new Helix backpack. I did register the unit to get the Helix Native discount so that option will no longer be available. I do have a ton of IR's and can include some if...
  9. Webb

    Killer Ray Gillen/Badlands vocal cover

    Wow, this dude's got pipes. He is currently on tour with TSO and has a pretty cool original band called Animal Drive. Check them out if you haven't heard them. FjtLhdgObQQ FdKmLQHxfe8
  10. Webb

    Guitar Center Bucks

    I just got $500 in GC bucks today from a promotion they had recently ($10 for every $50 spent). Problem is they don't give you very long to use it (expires on 10/3) and there's nothing specific I need at the moment. So help me spend it. Anyone see any good deals in the used section worth...
  11. Webb

    FS: Marshall 1960TV 4x12 Cabinet with Greenbacks

    Marshall 1960TV 4x12 guitar speaker cabinet for sale. Early model loaded with 4 UK made Celestion Greenback speakers. Sounds incredible....just trying to downsize. Pretty much mint condition with no visible tolex wear. Grill is in perfect condition. Retails for $1,300. I'm asking $600 with...
  12. Webb

    Gibson Les Paul Studio Premium Plus Trans Black

    Stunning 2006 Gibson Les Paul Premium Plus with AAA flamed maple top. Rare Trans Black finish with gold hardware. This guitar is a head turner. Excellent condition! Original hard shell case included. Asking $1,200 shipped to the lower 48. OVERVIEW It sounds as great as it looks. With the...
  13. Webb

    FS: Mesa Boogie 1x12 Thiele Cabinet SOLD

    For sale is a Mesa 1x12 Thiele front ported cabinet in excellent condition. Newer model with the Celestion C90 8-ohm speaker. Comes with a black canvas slip cover. Sounds huge! $350 shipped/Paypal'd to the lower 48.
  14. Webb

    FS: Two Notes Torpedo Live *SOLD*

    Selling my Two Notes Torpedo Live. Functions perfectly. Cosmetically it's a little rough (see pics). There is a bit of rack rash on top and the right ear is slightly bent. Not noticeable once it's mounted in a rack. Mainly using my Kemper these days so it's not getting much use. *SOLD*
  15. Webb

    FS: Suhr Reactive Load *SOLD*

    Suhr Reactive Load for sale. No issues...excellent condition. Just not getting much use since I'm using my Kemper more these days. Asking $OLD PayPal/shipped within continental US. Plenty of deals here, Gearslutz, and eBay.
  16. Webb

    Kemper users - Free Cameron Aldrich Profile

    Any Kemper users interested in testing a profile I made of my Cameron Aldrich modded Marshall? For FRFR, the cabinet profile is a Marshall 1960BX with Greenback speakers. If you play through a 4x12 just disable the cabinet block on the Kemper (kick in the EQ stomp for more low end thump on the...
  17. Webb

    Kemper vs. Real Amp - Cameron CCV

    Hey guys, I've been making some profiles of my Cameron CCV amp and decided to test the profile against the real amp. Listen below - One is the amp...the other the Kemper. Cabinet is a Cameron 4x12 with Celestion G12-H30's multi-mic'd with a mix of an SM57 and Royer 121 into a 1073 preamp. No...
  18. Webb

    Fryette Power Station as a load

    I'm looking at different load options and the Power Station seems to check a lot of boxes. But can someone confirm that it functions as a load box with no speaker cabinet connected? I thought it did but was just browsing the PS manual and read this: A SPEAKER MUST ALWAYS BE PLUGGED INTO ONE...
  19. Webb

    Kemper users - Cameron CCV Profile test - Clip added

    Any Kemper users up for testing a Cameron CCV profile I made? One of the best amps I've played and I'm trying to do the profile justice. I think it sounds good here through my Atomic CLR but I'd love to get some other opinions...good or bad. This is a studio profile using an SM57/Royer 121...
  20. Webb

    Cameron Aldrich Modded Marshall

    Hey guys, need a little advice from the experts. I just got a Cameron Aldrich modded Marshall JCM 800 50w and I'm having an issue with low volume. Even with the Master and preamp cranked, it's barely over TV listening levels. I checked to make sure the tubes didn't come loose in shipping but...