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  1. Webb

    NGD Charvel MJ DK24 Mahogany

    That looks killer. What’s the price on those?
  2. Webb

    Van Halen tribute band 1st album played in entirety You have to check this guitarist out.....

    Guitars sounds great. It looks like he might be using the Kemper. I don’t see anything plugged into the amp.
  3. Webb

    Used GC Friedman JJ-100: Legit or Nay?

    I saw this when I was browsing the GC used section. I was thinking too good to be true but clicked add to cart anyway. Must have been a minute too late because it said it was gone. Curious how it turns out. Good luck!
  4. Webb

    Monomyth amplification

    Dibs if you sell it.
  5. Webb

    V-Plex modded to HG Jose type circuit and CCV features

    Sounds great!
  6. Webb

    6 minutes with a Cameron CCV

    I know...I didn’t think I would ever part with it. I still have my Cameron Aldrich though.
  7. Webb

    6 minutes with a Cameron CCV

    Ahhh, I miss it already. 😆 Sounds great. Glad you“re digging it.
  8. Webb

    This is NUTS...

    I bet that guitar has a ballsy tone.
  9. Webb

    Amp pics .. post them

    Thanks! The Stealth is a pretty recent addition so I haven’t spent a lot of time with it but there is so much gain on tap I like it for more modern down tuned stuff. Still not sure if I like it better than my 6505+ but it’s in the same vein.
  10. Webb

    Amp pics .. post them

    I posted this before but here it is again. The CCV is being shipped to its new owner next week.
  11. Webb

    Les Paul pics please.. let’s see what ya got

    Great looking guitars above. Here are a couple of mine -
  12. Webb

    Sold, please delete

    That sounds killer. And great playing!
  13. Webb

    NGD: 2019 Charvel Custom Shop Sassafras Body

  14. Webb


    What’s your budget?
  15. Webb


    What is the going rate for a production CCV?
  16. Webb


    I may be selling one of my QR’s. I’ll send you a pm with info and pics.
  17. Webb

    Anyone have UPS lose a package?

    So I bought a used Boss TAE off Reverb a few weeks ago. UPS tracking showed it was out for delivery on Monday, 6/8. However, I was there all day and no attempt at delivery was made. The next day tracking just said “delivery status not available. Please check back later”. Here we are almost 2...
  18. Webb

    FS: Ampeg System Selector 8 amp / 8 cabinet switcher-SOLD

    Selling an Ampeg System Selector which can switch between any combination of 8 amps and 8 cabinets. Good condition and pretty handy for all you amp hoarders here. These don't come up for sale too often. Asking $400 shipped. -sold on Reverb-
  19. Webb

    WTB: Boss Waza Tube Amp Expander

    A few weeks ago someone was selling a Boss TAE on here for $850. I can’t find the post now so maybe it sold. Does anyone have one they are looking to move? I also have some trade bait to offer (Suhr RLIR or Fryette PS-2). Thanks.
  20. Webb

    FS: Universal Audio Ox Amp Top Box-sold

    For sale is a gently used Universal Audio OX Amp Top Box Attenuator / Reactive load box. I have two of these and only need one. Sounds great and the new update adds a ton of killer features/cabinets. SOLD A More Flexible Way to Use Your Tube Amplifier With the Universal Audio OX Amp Top Box...