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  1. boltzthrower

    Bubbastain Comes Through

    Good seller/good transaction so nothing more to write (y)
  2. boltzthrower

    Guy trying to hustle me on Reverb

    TL;DR - Buyer deliberately thrashed a piece of rack gear I sold him online in order to try and hustle a refund. Day 1 - Buys item, asks if I can ship same day, I tell him I will tomorrow. We're both in the lower 48 states, USA. Day 2, 8 AM - Him: "Have you shipped it yet?" Me: "Headed to the...
  3. boltzthrower

    H&K Access - Identify Which Module?

    So I've scoured the internet trying to figure out which sound module I've got in my Hughes & Kettner Access. I've read some conflicting info and found nothing definitive so I'm hoping maybe someone here knows. Firmware is v2.01. On the "soundboard" itself, in the upper left corner it says "SR...