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    Synergy TDLX SOLD Plexi module is sold
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    Morgan AC & Friedman BE modules both sold. Keeping the SYN-2 for now.
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    Bogner Telos?

    Who's got the scoop? :rock:
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    3rd Power Citizen Gain CSR

    I've got the Citizen Gain SR right now it is hands down my favorite modded-M type amp of all time. The cleans on this one sound killer too, tempted to upgrade! This video captures what I am hearing out of mine aside from the clean tones anyways. yu8x3wgbqn0
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    Friggen Xerox machine of technique

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    Too epic not to share, best shed EVER!

    Saw this on another board...... First click the link, then watch the video. :D ... t-even..... The time lapse is epic, it's like putting together parts from 3 different puzzles.. 6T_XXh1WaG0
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    Reborn! lol

    My profile got wacked in a freak accident :lol: :LOL: Been here since 2007, but now I'm a newbie all over again. :lol: :LOL: Post #1 :rock: 06BEi_SqV6A