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    Guess the amp from the clips.

    Got a new amp. Wanna see what people think it is before I reveal it. This is active pickups, TS-7 set to TS-9 mode with the drive barely on, the level cranked and the tone just over noon, the new amp, into a mesa widebody, mic'ed with an e906 and an m160. This is just me futzing with it and...
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    Tele->metal! Or, another country ballad.

    This poor bastard had no idea the life it had in store. Plenty of flubs on transitions here, in true metal tradition. :lol: Mixed the mics together through my outboard mic mixer, so it's a 906 on the left side of the speaker, the M160...
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    Bion Boost -> DSL clip Shitty little clippy I tossed together just to try out this new drum kit I'm futzing with. It's this kit here for those that want to know. Pretty nice sounding out of the box, with all the lovely mic bleed you could imagine as they didn't...
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    Telecaster and Marshall DSL making some noise.

    Classic Vibe Telecaster straight in to a DSL20 with a greenback semi-open combo cab and a Mesa wide body closed back cab with a C90. This guitar is not at all what I expected it to be. And my blackened, aging, ugly metal heart is loving...
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    NGD. Time to go country.

    My reward from my company for 20 years service. Not bad, considering. I intended to play something nice and appropriate when I went to record a clip with it, and then this happened: Just the guitar (1 take per side)...
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    Who likes messing with different pick materials? New Picks.

    I've gone through some pick fetishes over the years. I think my favorite is the cymbal brass picks that I used on guitars string 12-56 in standard tuning. That made for some interesting metal dust covering the pickups that would never come off, let me tell ya. :lol: :LOL: I've also gone...
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    Tube Swapping. EL34->KT77. Clippage.

    Here's some comparison clips of the same amp/settings/setup/chain blah blah with the only difference being a tube swap from EL34 to KT77. I have my own opinion on it, but I'm curious what the ears around here feel about the differences. Since I was feeling lazy yesterday morning when I...
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    Clip of el-cheapo mics on good equipment.

    So, Musician's Friend was doing a clearance on these MXL drum mics and they hit a price I decided I couldn't pass on ($23/mic). Got an A-5s and two A-5t mics and have been playing around with them for a few days. They're the tiniest little things I've ever seen as instrument mics, but the A-5t...
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    Ladies and gents, the Mimiq! Clip.

    Tossed together an example of what the mimiq could do just for giggles this morning. First is mimiq off. Then the same riff with the mimiq on. Then a quick mix with the mimiq just so you get some context. This is all DSL on the left...
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    DSL through Mesa C90 clip - re-recorded bass remix

    Experimenting with mic placement. This one is three mics. Two fiddysevens in fredman clip, one e906 to help beef up the low just a touch, run through my little outboard mixer, then into the interface. Didn't even mix this fugger...
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    Mixing Mics ITB/OTB experimental clips

    So, playing around with an outboard mixer. Gonna toss some clips your way and see if anybody hears a difference. Two microphones on the cab. Recorded once through the outboard mixer then directed into a line-in that skips the preamp on the interface and goes straight to the AD converter...
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    GFS Redactive Golds + DSL20CR = THRASH!

    I was sharing clips with a bud and since there's so few clips of this amp around he suggested I toss one up here for general amusement. (A small clip of the intro of this song was posted to a DSL20H thread a while back.) So, full mix: