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    WTB American made B.C. Rich neck through guitars

    Looking to buy classic era B.C. Rich neck through body guitars. Eagle, Bich 6 or 10 strings, Mockingbirds, etc... especially looking for Koa or quilted maple guitars. Prefer guitars with Quad bridges, but would consider Kahlers as well. NO BOLT ON NECKS. NO IMPORTS. Thanks !
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    Amp no longer producing sound

    You checked and/or swapped all the stuff I would have done, is the problem only when the amp is hot ? If so that sounds like a resistor opening up under thermal load. Get it to a tech, and good luck.
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    WTB : Marshall Head pre 74

    Looking for a pre ‘74 Marshall head, 50 or 100 watt, cosmetic condition not important, mods ok, original iron and tag/eyelet board a must. Artiste amps considered as well. Let me know what ‘cha got. Thanks !
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    WTB : Gibson ES 355

    Looking to purchase a Gibson 355, NOT a 335 or a 345. Norlin era prefered, repaired headstocks ok, cherry finish prefered but would consider walnut also. NO painted (black, white, etc) guitars. Thanks .
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    Recommend a good keyboard for mid-late 80's sounds

    Looking for a keyboard to mess around with that does typical late 80's sounds, digital preferred (I have analog covered), Yamaha DX7 ? Roland D50 ? Something else ? Thanks !
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    WTB : Old, original Gibson Dirty Fingers

    Looking for either black or double creme Gibson Dirty Fingers bridge pickup (or a set), let me know what you’ve got. Only want old ones from 70s or early 80s, thanks !
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    BC RICH 10 string Bich and the like

    I am GASSING HARD for a 10 string Bich, but a real deal (no imports). Lately I find myself really GASSING for all the cool guitars of my youth besides Charvel/Jackson/Kramer/ESP... I'd love some old Deans too, Hamers, etc... anyone else dig these late 70s early 80s icons ?
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    John Sykes Live ‘95 Rig

    Does anyone know for sure what Sykes used for that Live ‘95 show that’s on YouTube ? There are Boogie cabs on stage, and his live rack at that time used a rack mount Dual Rec, a Triaxis, lexicon delays, a Rocktron Juice Extractor and an H&H V800... anyone have the scoop ? I know he uses a Jose...
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    Mesa Boogie power amps

    To those that have experience, what other than the obvious, are the differences between the tones of the Mesa Simul 295, Simul 395, and the Strategy 500 ? I own the Simul 295 now (got it cheap, $220...had a bad cap on the A side, $20 fix with my tech) and I have the opportunity to buy either the...
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    WTB Mesa MS12 speakers

    Looking for a pile o Mesa MS12 speakers, let me know if anyone has any. Thanks !
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    Jackson USA Select pricing

    Does anyone else think $3600.00 is WAY too much for a Jackson Strat with a reverse pointy headstock ??? 8-10 month build time too, 25% down to start the process, I almost fell over...
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    WTB : Jackson strat

    Looking for a Jackson single hum strat with a reverse headstock neck (maple preferred). What have 'y'all got out there ? Thanks !
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    Soldano X99 preamp

    I have a chance to score one of these locally for a good price, I've read conflicting reports of the program change time on these, some say in the blink of an eye and others say it's slow...those that know for sure, please chime in. I'd be pairing this with a Mesa 295 Simulclass power amp. Will...
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    JCM 800 horizontal vs vertical input jack differences

    Can someone please tell me what (if any) differences there are between these two amps other than the horizontal jack amps have the pots and jacks mounted to the board ? I read there is a difference in filtering too. I have a horizontal input 2203 and it sounds great, can someone explain any...
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    80s Dean Cadillac price check

    Hey guys, looking for any info on pricing a potential 80s Dean Cadillac buy, I don't have many details as of now, but I'll update this post when I have more, all I know right now is it has a hard shell case and the original pickups have been swapped for DiMarzios (guy still has originals...
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    Chris Broderick Jackson Soloist

    Anyone have any experience with these ? Looking at a 7 string model and was wondering what others thought about it. Specs seem great, just have to see/play one...thanks
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    Depth Mod for Mesa Boogie Simul 295 stereo power amp

    Does anyone know if there is a depth/resonance mod for a Mesa 295 Simul Stereo power amp ? I'd like a pot on the front face to dial in how much I'd want rather than a fixed resistor value. Thanks !!!
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    Hendrix/SRV tone

    So I went to Experience Hendrix the other night...totally blown away by Dweezil Zappa, Eric Johnson (without the fuzz face), Kenny Wayne Shephard, John Butcher,Buddy Guy, and another guy who's name escapes me at the moment...Zakk was terrible as usual. Almost everyone playing that night was...
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    Mick Mars' strat

    I just went to Crue Saturday night up in Manchester NH, and I gotta say, Mick's live tone is awesome. He played 3 beat up Fender Strats the whole night, but the last song of the night (Home Sweet Home), he had one that was hum/single/single instead of his usual hum/single/hum that looked like it...
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    Dan Gower

    Question for those of you who have Dan's do you like them, what do you use them for primarily, and how reliable are they ? What SPECIFIC mods do each of you have ? Can it cop AC/DC to EVH to Metallica ? Thanks for your time.