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    @fatbagg has one!
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    Found one

    Nvm I found one over on TGP
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    Great experience - thenine

    Had a great experience trading amps with thenine. Great guy, awesome communication.
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    FT: Bad Cat Lynx 50

    Looking to see if there’s any interest for my Bad Cat Lynx. Hand wired, ptp model. Mint condition, comes with footswitch. From Bat Cat: The Bad Cat Lynx is a hard rock tone machine. Huge and full, but with a note articulation not found at these levels of gain. Saturation and tone so full that...
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    Vox AC30/6TBX (with roadcase and Weber Mini Mass)

    It really pains me to do this, but something else has come up so this has to go. It breaks my heart to sell, but this piece of gear is a bucket list item. Up for sale is a dead-mint 1998 uk-made (Korg era) Vox AC30/6TBX loaded with Celestion AlNiCo blues. Amp is in mint condition, and it comes...
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    Hum from 20th Anniversary KT88 Shiva

    Hey gang Before I get the whole “take it to a tech, amps are dangerous” spiel, I want to start by saying that there aren’t any techs in my area that are working on amps, and none will work on this amp. Plus I’m comfortable working on electronics and I do basic amp repair on the side. I’m...
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    For trade: dead mint 1980 Mesa Mark IIb 1x12

    Nevermind. decided to keep it.
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    My band's EP is now free!

    Go grab a copy!
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    Does anyone know how to make the Marvel mod footswitchable?

    Hey gang. I really want to know if I can make the Marvel mod for my Ecstasy footswitchable (using an external footswitch, not the Ecstasy foot controller). I mean, if it can be put in a flick-switch, why couldn't that switch be extended down into a footswitch?
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    Just ordered 4 AlNiCo Tone Tubbies.... run with my Einstein. What can I expect? :D
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    Hemp cones?

    Who makes the Hemp Cones in Diezel cabs? Eminence?
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    I think I prefer EL34's in my Einstein to 6550's

    I bought a matched pair of =C= SED's for my Einstein, threw them in, biased them up. It sounded good, and I jammed with them for a couple weeks. I put the EL34's back in last night just to see how it sounded to my ears. Holy carp. I really REALLY prefer them to the 6550's. Am I weird?
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    Speaker opinions with the Einstein?

    I have an Einstein 50w and I am currently running it through my Bogner 4x12 loaded with V30's and G12H30 Anniversary's and it sounds great. I am thinking of getting a 2nd cabinet to rock my Ecstasy and Einstein in stereo. In addition to the aforementioned speakers, I am looking at the...
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    Diezel Einstein initial review

    First, the amp physically. This amp is built remarkably well. I mean, on par easily with my Bogner, my old Bad Cats or my old Soldano SLO. The difference is that its built well but without feeling like it was "overdone" like with my Bad Cat or Soldano. Those amps felt like they were built...