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  1. GregM

    GC bankruptcy is official

    Dear Greg, Thank you for being a loyal customer of Musician's Friend. We genuinely appreciate your business. I'm pleased to share that our parent company — Guitar Center, Inc. — has announced an agreement to strengthen their financial structure which will allow us to serve you better for the...
  2. GregM


    For all those who have been stuck at home for too long with their w... nevermind :D . SxsepMWJW4k
  3. GregM

    New bass day/Mike Inez signature pickup set playthrough

    I preorded the Fishman Mike Inez pickups when they were announced at NAMM and I've had them since the beginning of February with no bass to put them in, last weekend I ended up ordering a Schecter which came on Wednesday. It's great, but the action is going to need to come up a bit because the...
  4. GregM

    Warmoth wait time

    I ordered a custom body (no paint) a month ago. They say average time is 4-5 weeks. Is that usually about right? This is my first order from them - I'm not complaining or impatient, just wondering what to expect.
  5. GregM

    AiC Your Decision cover

    I started this one two years ago and was never happy with it so I put it on the backburner, picking at it here and there until December of last year when I decided it was time to finish it. I ended up deleting almost 100% of the original recording. Camera and video processing/computer issues...
  6. GregM

    RIP Reed Mullin

    Not a great year for drummers. ... dead-at-53
  7. GregM

    AIC Never Fade cover

    I know most people here are more into the older stuff, as am I, but here's my second cover from Rainier Fog. We had a baby in May and I've fought getting the hi hats on my new drum set to work since September so this is the first song I've accomplished since the beginning of May. K4PNfn46tvs...
  8. GregM

    Ola at Dimebag's house

    Cool stuff... vULwfpOZ-jk
  9. GregM

    Sweetwater Gear Exchange

    Anybody here ever trade/sell at Sweetwater? Do they pay well compared to Guitar Center or others?
  10. GregM

    WTB - Second Degree Black Belt

    Looking for a bridge Second Degree Black Belt. 50mm, long legs, extra points if it's gold covered!
  11. GregM

    Transformer help

    I have an Epiphone EP-800 practice amp that I bought in the early 90's and it died in the late 90's. It was diagnosed with a bad transformer by a tech about 20 years ago and I'd like to get it working again if it's cost effective. Gibson or the amp parts suppliers I've talked to can't tell me...
  12. GregM

    Sludge Factory cover

    I finished this one up today, which will probably be my last for a while because I have a baby coming within the next couple weeks. I picked up a near mint US-made 6505 earlier this year and this is the first song I've used it on solely. I'd wanted one for years and always said someday, but...
  13. GregM

    Wall voltage...

    At what point would you guys start to be worried? I recently replaced my power conditioner with a Furman that has a voltmeter on it. I had checked my voltage manually once in a while in the past, but with the Furman now I'm consistently seeing up to 126 volts. I've never had a tube fail or any...
  14. GregM

    Youtube trolls...

    I got this comment this morning from the account of an online music magazine (whose Youtube channel consists of bootleg cellphone videos of concerts) I get that covers aren't for everybody but if this guy's on an anti-cover crusade on Youtube he's got a hell of a lot of work to do.
  15. GregM

    What the Hell Have I

    Off the beaten path a little bit this time. 3Mvl9U26WsQ I got my copyright notice for it yesterday and the software matched it to the original from :03 to 4:03 so I guess I did alright! :rock: Here's a link if the embedding isn't showing up for everyone still...
  16. GregM

    New AIC single

    The song leaked yesterday so they released it early overnight. 352RBWh6ViU
  17. GregM

    So what CAN you buy with a Guitar Center coupon?

    I've been on the fence about a Strat for a while. I got a Guitar Center email coupon today and finally decided to order it . I go to order it tonight and Fender is excluded, along with damn near every other major brand you might want. I usually ignore their emails and this must have been the...
  18. GregM

    This was what eBay recommended I buy...

    Not sure how I got on THIS list. ... 0656.m5063
  19. GregM

    Keeley compressor plus

    Pedal is like new, has about ten minutes of play time on it and it's been sitting on my board unused for a couple months. $105 shipped including Paypal fees.
  20. GregM

    WTB Mesa 50 Caliber Plus

    Looking for a Mesa 50 Caliber Plus for my brother. Head preferred but might be open to a combo at the right price.