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  1. boltzthrower

    Who here has Synergy amp & modules?

    The Synergy stuff is legit. Haven't tried their power amp, though. As far as Synergy vs Axe FX, that's a big can o' worms that I'll try to make concise. But I've been drinking and I'm bored... Preface, I use Axe FX into a tube power amp and real cab so if you're asking about FRFR, I'm not your...
  2. boltzthrower

    What’s the tightest amp with the biggest low end you’ve played. ?

    1st generation Axe FX (with the "tightness trick") into VHT 2/90/2. Nothing else even comes close. Honorable mentions: KSR Ceres Engl E570 and E670
  3. boltzthrower

    Replace back panel on guitar cabinet.. tone change?

    FWIW, my Fryette Fat Bottom 2x12 is a birch ply cabinet with an MDF back. Cab sounds great, I assume the MDF is intented for dampening. Every guitar cab with MDF sides and baffle that I've ever heard sounded like ass and are also inefficient (gotta crank the amp to match the volume of a birch...
  4. boltzthrower

    Bubbastain Comes Through

    Good seller/good transaction so nothing more to write (y)
  5. boltzthrower

    NPD! Engl E530!

    I've read people saying that online a few times and I just don't see how it can be true. I've owned three E530's over the past 16 years and while I've never had the Savage head or the Blackmore, I do have the Synergy Savage preamp and a Russian copy of the Savage pre and they're not very similar...
  6. boltzthrower

    Guy trying to hustle me on Reverb

    Haha, nah, I've seen some. I haven't dealt with any BS from the company yet, besides their poor communication regarding this issue which isn't that big of a deal to me, yet.
  7. boltzthrower

    Guy trying to hustle me on Reverb

    TL;DR - Buyer deliberately thrashed a piece of rack gear I sold him online in order to try and hustle a refund. Day 1 - Buys item, asks if I can ship same day, I tell him I will tomorrow. We're both in the lower 48 states, USA. Day 2, 8 AM - Him: "Have you shipped it yet?" Me: "Headed to the...
  8. boltzthrower

    Can anyone identify this Mesa preamp?

    Animal Sound. I have pedal pre's of his E530, JCM 800, SLO 100 and Recto. Legit tones.
  9. boltzthrower

    Kitty Hawk amps??

    I have a Soho Acoustics Qtr-1 which is supposedly a copy of the KH Quattro. It doesn't sound like a Mark or any other amp I'm familiar with. It has lots of gain on tap but is way looser than anything modern. 80's Black Sabbath comes to mind whenever I play it, sort of like Tyr or Headless Cross...
  10. boltzthrower

    Blind test! Mesa Dual Rectifier vs 'mystery' amp modeler...

    1. B 2. IDK 3. Can't truly answer until it's in a mix. A was tighter & sounded like it was highpassed around 90 hz compared to B which seems to extend down to 60hz or so. B does that Recto thing where the low end/low mids sound smooth and the higher frequencies carry the grain/grit while A has...
  11. boltzthrower

    EQ Pedal guys, see the Boss EQ200 yet?

    I use graphic EQ's all the time, they're crucial for dialing in my tone. I have some analog ones that don't color the tone whatsoever. Every digital EQ I've used, it's like it takes in your tone and puts out a lifeless facsimile on the other side, sort of like the difference between hearing live...
  12. boltzthrower

    EQ Pedal guys, see the Boss EQ200 yet?

    I had one of these, the AD/DA was shit, major tone killer, what a bummer. Same with the Behringer DEQ2496 and the Alesis DEQ830. I give up on digital equalizers.
  13. boltzthrower

    H&K Access - Identify Which Module?

    Wow, thanks. Mine's a Module A, same component layout (green board though).
  14. boltzthrower

    H&K Access - Identify Which Module?

    So I've scoured the internet trying to figure out which sound module I've got in my Hughes & Kettner Access. I've read some conflicting info and found nothing definitive so I'm hoping maybe someone here knows. Firmware is v2.01. On the "soundboard" itself, in the upper left corner it says "SR...