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  1. M@tt C

    New Preamp Day

    I picked up a slightly beat up (missing a couple of knobs plus rack rash) Peavey Rock Master pre for a whopping $50 at Guitar Center today. I wasn't expecting much- I was gonna be thrilled if it basically worked, let alone if it sounded decent. Figured it would be a fun project to rehab and move...
  2. M@tt C

    Runt 50 Boost Function- What Does it ACTUALLY Do?

    I've been experimenting with my Runt 50 and the boost function, and wondered what engaging the boost actually does in the circuit. After keeping it on almost from almost Day 1 I've found I actually like it better off and the gain up to almost max- it's clearer, more dynamic, and a little more...
  3. M@tt C

    Splawn Cab Makeover

    Hey all, I picked up a scruffy Splawn straight 4x12 right after Christmas for a really good price, and spent the last several weeks messing around with it to get it back into shape. it had some scuff, nicks, and was on the grungy side but it was structurally sound and had a mix of G12K-100s and...
  4. M@tt C

    Peavey Rockmaster Pre Footswitch?

    Hey guys, I'm picking up a slightly beat (missing knobs and rack rash) but fully functional Peavy Rockmaster preamp for a really stupid low price. I need it like I need a hole in my head, but for $50 you gotta pull the trigger, right? No foot switch is included though- does anyone know if a...