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  1. burger

    Origin 20

    If anyone is looking for some cheap amp thrills, there is some fun to be had with the baby Marshall Origin. 3 video series detailing mods and tones. Cheap motoring!
  2. burger

    Jose / Cali project PCB

    If anyone is interested in building their own Jose, Cali, CCV style amp - new PCB is available to make it easy! B3WcB1sC9AA
  3. burger

    High gain amps - DIY build PCB's for your own project

    Hi guys, I've designed and have been shipping a range of PCB's inspired by some big name amps. Here is one of of my own builds that clones a Wizard MC25. xtmY-_LA3Wg Look me up here if you're interested in grabbing some for your own project.