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  1. guitarslinger

    Weird Question about M4 Chassis tubes

    I think my labels might be upside down. Which one is V1, and which one is V2(V10?) :doh: :doh: :doh: I'm being serious
  2. guitarslinger

    FIred up my MiCA TOL100 today

    Holy shit, I forgot how great it sounds. 4 channels of bliss perfection. :rock: :rock: :rock:
  3. guitarslinger

    Anybody know where I can get a 2290 fixed?

    TC will not service 2290's any more. Dave, do you have somebody in mind? thanks!!! :rock:
  4. guitarslinger

    FINALLY played my Fish with a band on Saturday.

    Holy shit. Umm, yeah. wow. :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: perfect.
  5. guitarslinger

    URGENT: Need a pedal name for a custom Muff.

    So, VFE is building me a custom, special, Civil War Muff Clone. I could call it the Civil War, but SUF already did that. What about "Civil Muff" "Vladimir Put-in-Muff"(I'm partial b/c I vacation at Put-in-Bay) "Gorby's Muff" "The Dark Army" "Evil Empire" "Put In Muff" I need an answer like...
  6. guitarslinger

    Anybody switch their Fish with two latching switches?

    I know it's confusing, and lame, but I'm getting tired of using a bunch of outboard midi switching gear to change channels on my Fish :( :aww: :aww: :aww: I just want to press a button that doesn't need any external power :(
  7. guitarslinger


    Wow, so, yeah, I used it at a LOUD, instrumental, post rock, stoner type rehearsal last night. Just clean channel with muff pedals into it. I'm ALWAYS blown away by the IE4 when I come back to it. I'm pretty convinced, it might be the best overall preamp ever made.
  8. guitarslinger

    unleashing the beast

    Saturday = outdoor hair metal cover gig. Going to be rocking the: M4 (T/T, SL, COD, SL2X) Roland SDE-2500 delay Rivera TBR-3 hammer 120 power amp Pair of Emperor 4x12 cabs. Should I rethink what I load the M4 with? I was planning on leaving the VX, EG34X, and EG5 at home.
  9. guitarslinger

    Has anybody else gotten over pickup swapping?

    I just don't need to do it any more. I don't know. I've gotten rid of a lot of dud guitars that didn't sound good with any pickups. I mean, the Duncan '59's in my campbell don't need to be any different for my sound. The Duncan Jazz pups in my other campbell also sound perfect. I used to...
  10. guitarslinger

    Barber Dirty Bomb

    I might just be in the honeymoon phase, but this is it. This is EXACTLY that for which I've been looking. It sounds like an AMP.....a fucking sick amp. What I normally don't love about other pedals Rat/rat clones --> very touchy filter control = too dark OR too fizzy Tubescreamer/TS clones...
  11. guitarslinger

    I can't believe this is real. Marlins will soar!

    Thank you for this gem, Scott. :lol: :LOL: :lol: :LOL: ... lins-song/
  12. guitarslinger

    So did Charvel drop the ball

    I don't get it. Is polished black and white the trademark look of somebody famous? :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: I'm being serious.
  13. guitarslinger

    Is this a CL steal?

    100 Watt JCM800 2x12 combo. $600
  14. guitarslinger

    Ampeg G412

    Check out this Ampeg solid state 4x12 COMBO I scored on Craigslist. :rock: :rock: :rock: :lol: :LOL: :lol: :LOL: :lol: :LOL:
  15. guitarslinger

    Am I alone on this? Re: JCM800's

    I haven't really played one I liked. Even at roaring volumes, they still don't have enough gain. (and that's coming from a guy who HATES modern gain monster amps) It seems the jcm800 amp tones people like are usually hot-rodded/modded in some way, or they used a boost/od/tubescreamer/etc...
  16. guitarslinger

    Dude: Digitech CF-7 Chorus Factory

    OMG, this is the one. Before I plugged it in, I set the speed at zero, the depth at 10, and the chorus model at #1. It sounds like my Roland Jazz Chorus, fits on the pedal board, takes a Boss 9v power supply, and doesn't change the volume. $20 used at GC. Thank you, Digitech! You've...
  17. guitarslinger

    Gilmour's tone on "Pulse"

    Does anybody know what he was using? I'm sure it was like 90 pedals.
  18. guitarslinger

    Opinions on Emi Wizard?

    I'm thinking of grabbing four for my Emperor. I have one mixed with a swamp thang in my Avatar 2x12. I think I like it. It's loud as hell, but still fairly smooth. What do you guys think? :rock: :rock: :rock:
  19. guitarslinger

    does the Greenback mix well with other speakers?

    Does it get dominated by the higher sensitivity ratings of other speakers?? :cry:
  20. guitarslinger

    What speakers should I put in my Emperor 4x12

    Okay, I just ordered an unloaded Emperor 412. I have an x-pattern of K85's and T75's here. Should I just try that first? Or start grabbing other stuff? Greenbacks? Swamp Thangs? CL80's? BTW, I'm only using 16 ohm speakers, so I can't use EVM12L's or anything that only comes in 8 ohms.