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    Egnater Tweaker 15

    What do you play now? Why not a Vox if thats the tone you are looking for? I'm not well versed on them, but I think there are some combos that aren't too expensive.
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    Egnater Tweaker 15

    I grabbed a Tweaker 40 from GC about a year ago. The two sides are identical, but on the one I got one side didn't work right. I played with it for a bit on the good side to get a feel for what it could do. I liked the Vox setting though I'm not sure how true to a Vox tone it is. The amp...
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    weed is now legal in nj

    I often wonder if they legalize it in my state if I would partake. Haven't decided. My wife never has and will never do it and about 4 or 5 years ago my kids gave me hell about smoking a cigar. Seems my opportunities would be pretty rare. Even so, its been 20 years...why go back?
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    Gotoh Floyd

    hmmm...I put a Gotoh on 2 different Les Paul Axcess and I had to use a dremmel to trim down the base plate on the Gotoh a bit to get it to fit the guitars route. Maybe it depends on the guitar and specific body route cut?
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    FSOT: Digitech Whammy V

    Great condition and perfect working order. Velcro on the bottom. Original power supply included. $160 Shipped/PayPal'd to CONUS only. Selling off some things and looking for a very specific list of new gear. I'll list them here as trade interests, but please nothing else outside of this...
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    I thought there was someone selling a Splawn Competition here or on TGP?
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    Bogner Atma vs Shiva

    Don't overlook the Goldfinger if you like the Bogner thing. I had a 20th Shiva amongst other Bogners and I am really digging the GF SL I just got. Crunch to pretty damn high gain and more control over a tight aggressive tone/feel vs a more smooth tone/feel.
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    Ever been ripped off selling/buying gear online ?

    I haven't been outright scammed on an online deal, but had a few that weren't great transactions. I was ripped off on a local deal though with a guy that was supposed to build me a hollowbody. He was just starting off, but after months of very slow progress for no real apparent reason and some...
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    Where are all the Goldfingers?

    Got the GF SL yesterday. Pretty cool guitar system as Reinhold would call it. Very nice clean channel for sure. I really like how the boost on the clean adds some chime and the slightest hint of grit. Really makes it more touch sensitive and dynamic. The Gain EQ is a very interesting and...
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    Bush League Reverb Deal

    I was looking for a Bogner GF SL and Reverb only had 2 listed. One of them being from this guy. I was tempted to reach out and ask if he (they) really had one in stock, but decided against it. Glad I didn't head down that dark path. At brand new price Sweetwater made more sense, but I found...
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    Where are all the Goldfingers?

    Not much content on Goldfinger amps in this sub-forum. I have a Goldfinger SL on the way. I have owned a Helios 100, 20th Shiva, 20th XTC w/EL34, and also borrowed for a short time a 101b and a Helios Eclipse. I like the Bogner stuff a lot and was feeling the itch, but with some different...
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    Shout-out to Scott Splawn!

    Always helpful to me with used amps as well. I had a bridge rectifier go on a QR as well and he knew right away what it was just by my email explanation and pointed me in the right direction. I miss my Super Comp Mini.
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    Reaching out to Mark Cameron

    I've known there has been a history of issues with people getting ripped off, but what is the deal with the guy? Drugs?
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    On Hold

    That's cool! Can the amp still EL34 or would that require modification?
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    collinsmike1234556 has everything!

    These guys attacking the WTB ads lately are out of control.
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    WTB: Bogner Goldfinger SL head

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    National anthem

    Yes, Lonestar. Thought it was a cool performance.
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    Sold: Les Paul Axcess - Ice Tea

    LP Axcess with mods for sale. Good condition overall. One ding on top can be seen on pic of toggle switch. Other than that the top is clean. Most of the wear is buckle rash on the back. I've done my best to capture everything in the photos For the modifications: -Guitarforce Superstar pickup...
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    Talk to me about home recording and making full band songs

    I've never done much recording in any capacity. What I would really like to start doing is bringing songs I hear in my head to life. I play guitar and do have a bass, but thats it. I would love to be able to lay some guitar riffs and progressions down and use software to add in drums and keys...