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    SOLD: Diezel Herbert mk1

    Interested in a splawn nitro and some cash?
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    1983 JCM 800 2203 SOLD Delete pls

    What a beauty
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    I have a splawn nitro with kt88s if interested
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    Splawn Nitro 100watt KT88

    Considering shipping. $1400 obo plus shipping and pp fees
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    Splawn Nitro 100watt KT88

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    Splawn Nitro 100watt KT88

    Super beefy and articulate. 100 watt Got the big boy tubes (KT88). Comes with footswitch. Amp sounds massive. Moving it along as I’ve found something else I like slightly more. New preamp tubes. Tung sol in v1 and v3. JJ in v2 and v4. Pickup in 15237 Pittsburgh pa. Really only looking to meet up...
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    FS:Ceriatone King Kong 50

    Traded for a splawn Nitro. Thanks.
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    FS:Ceriatone King Kong 50

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    FS:Ceriatone King Kong 50

    Will also trade with cash (either way). Still sticking to local. Really looking to get a VHT/Fryette, hence the sale of this.
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    FS:Ceriatone King Kong 50

    Mint condition Comes with footswitch Super versatile but I have my eye on something else. Local sale only for now (Pittsburgh Pa) $1300 Can get more pics later. Thanks!
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    Monomyth 1982 JCM800 2204

    Shea does great work. New owner is probably loving it.
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    Damn that’s beautiful!
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    Oh shiiii... more rack stuff inbound! (Syn-2, Bman, DS)

    I should really look into the synergy stuff. Everyone raves about them and seem to be the cheapest way to kinda try everything
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    NAD#3 Armageddon Time

    Was always curious about these.! Sounds like it’s a sick amp!
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    Stupid question but is there a noise gate for amp hiss?

    I use a decimator G-string II in 4CM and it works great.
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    Rappoport and friends doing Rush

    Awesome cover. Doug is a great player.
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    Once again.... WHATS COOKING?!

    Some garlic seasoned wings!