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    Savage Drive V4?! Check it out guys, I ordered one up and going to compare it to my V3 Savage Drive. I think my V3 Savage Drive does something a little different the all my other pedals that I really like for heavier side of things and more modern tones...
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    VHT Fryette Ultra-lead Pitbull 120 with EQ

    Mint condition Fryette Ultra Lead 120 with graphic EQ. Newer version with black push buttons and toggles. Maybe has 10 hours on it, factory tubes. Kept in smoke free, no pets, always covered, at home and never gigged. Comes with factory footswitch, cover and old VHT faceplate. Willing to...
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    NPD - VFE Focus

    Compared to my Dragon it is less compressed and more open sounding, can get tighter as well. I was impressed with how easy to dial in and tones are absolutely awesome. This is personal preference but I like how the input and output jacks are on the side as well as power and the enclosure is...
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    NPD VFE Dragon

    My first impression was that I wanted to box it up and sell it. The learning curve for this pedal for me was difficult for me as the knobs have a pile of range so just the smallest adjustments make a huge tonal effect. After figuring out how the pedal works I was able to dial in some very...
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    Seymour Duncan 805 Overdrive pedal question

    Hey Guys, Is the bass control on this pedal adjusting how much boost or cut before the drive control or is it after? Rock on, Jason
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    Timmy pedal frustration and fix for high gain

    Hey Guys, I own a couple different boost/overdrive pedals and I wanted to try this latest version of the Timmy pedal from all the hype I've read about. It did sound pretty darn good however I wanted a tighter bass response and the pedal to have more bass cut not only when for when I'm boosting...
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    WTB: Fryette VHT Deliverance D120

    Wanted in mint condition. Please PM me if you have or know someone. Thanks!
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    ccv amp question

    Anybody get the new ccv if so how does it sound?
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    Question about the new production amps to older ones...

    How many of you guy's amps are running around 560v on the plates? I wonder if the production units are going to be running this high?
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    Cameron CCV

    Who is ready to get there amp and let r buck? I'll tell you I don't think I've been this excited about an amp for a long time. Hope it sounds just awesome. :rock:
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    I want this sound. Namm Cameron CCV.

    ldAaM0MdvrY I mean isn't that sound just ripping or what?vDoes your CCV's sound like this? What pickup does Mark have in there?
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    Jackson PC-1 guitar problems anybody know good guitar tech?

    So a friend brought over a guitar and amp.. and actually a DSL I modded for him. He said that it was to warm sounding and basically wanted more bite to the sound. So I plug into his amp with my guitar and the thing was just ripping. (Thanks again Mike Fortin for the tips) He then plugged...
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    Aldrich mod anybody have details?

    Anybody have any details on the "Aldrich" mod? I would really like to try it in the Marshall type amp I'm building for fun. I believe it is a 4 gain stage with no cathode follower. Fun to see a schematic but know that is not going to happen. :lol: :LOL: Rock on.
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    CCV owners how do are you liking your amp?

    I basically want you to tell me how much you like/dislike this amp. What about it does it do better or not as good in your opinion then the other amps you own? Can this amp do the 80's hair tone or what? That is really what I'm after.
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    CCM or CCV be order with a Metro SS loop?

    Has anybody ordered one with this loop installed and if so how does it work? What about the tube loop? Jason
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    Mike Fortin's help on friend's DSL100 mod

    This guy is so cool! Asked for some help on modding a friends DSL100. Totally helped out. This was recorded with a Iphone so while it's not the best way to record this type of thing hope it gives you an idea of how it sounds... Personally I think it fing rips. Great for more 80's tone...
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    Mesa Boogie Stiletto Stage II ?

    Anybody play one and what did you think of it? Looks like from the schematics it looks like a cool sounding amp.. never played one.
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    XYZ, "Face Down in the Gutter."

    Completely ripping Jose modded Marshall!?
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    Marshall style amp build with Chris Merren transformers

    Thanks Dave for recomending me to him. Totally custom winds his own transformers. Great guy to deal with. Built a Marshall style amp with these transformers and just loving it. Feels just right and sounds awesome. I would totally recomend him to anybody looking to do custom builds or...
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    Post pictures of your rig. Guitars, amps lets see it!

    Well??!! :rock: