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  1. WarHed

    Mighty Mite Compound Radius Neck

    I have two recent superstrat partscasters here with MM necks, one was built about a year ago, the other 3 years ago. I really like both of the necks, the frets just needed a polish then they were good to go.
  2. WarHed

    Diezel VH4S - Still Disappointed

    Funny you say that about the Ubershall - the vh4 and Uber both have the same sort of low freq control circuit in the NFB which gives them that low end The amp is quite different if you reduce or remove the loading on the last / cathode stage. Opens it right up
  3. WarHed

    Engl powerball 2

    My powerball 1 doesnt have a PT with both a 220 and 110V tap, so likely the PB2 doesnt either meaning you'd have to swap the amp, switch the transformer or run a step down transformer. However you can get a new PT from Engl, the service guys are surprisingly helpful.
  4. WarHed

    Why didn't Cameron ever mod Mesa Boogies ?

    From an amp modders perspective, modding a Mesa is very unsatisfying - tightly packed circuit board under a bunch of wires. Just no fun.
  5. WarHed

    Clearest pickup?

    Funny someone mentioned the '59. I have a lil'59 in a vintage strat, and plugged into my 5150 (currently with el34s) with a TS boost and it had one of the clearest articulate tones i'd head from that amp in a while.
  6. WarHed

    Angus Young Marshals converted to MV

    With a full time amp builder/tech employed, those amps could be just about anything. I couldn't assume they are anything like an original marshall circuit...
  7. WarHed

    Sourcing Iron

    What about the Hammond stuff?
  8. WarHed

    Warmoth EJ-ish Strat build

    Very nice build. What's with the single graphtech saddle?
  9. WarHed

    Mark V 35 Mark IV Mode vs. Mark IV

    Agree with this too. I think the key issue with the V lead channel is the preamp gain control is fixed internally at 5 or so, they only give you the lead gain control to work with. A mod to add a concentric pot for control of both gains would be ideal.
  10. WarHed

    So what’s the consensus on the BE100 Deluxe?

    I much prefer the old Friedman models. The 25uF cap on the last stage doesnt sound as good as the 0.68uF the older non-deluxe models have (in my humble opinion)