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    FSOT: Digitech Whammy V

    Great condition and perfect working order. Velcro on the bottom. Original power supply included. $160 Shipped/PayPal'd to CONUS only. Selling off some things and looking for a very specific list of new gear. I'll list them here as trade interests, but please nothing else outside of this...
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    Where are all the Goldfingers?

    Not much content on Goldfinger amps in this sub-forum. I have a Goldfinger SL on the way. I have owned a Helios 100, 20th Shiva, 20th XTC w/EL34, and also borrowed for a short time a 101b and a Helios Eclipse. I like the Bogner stuff a lot and was feeling the itch, but with some different...
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    collinsmike1234556 has everything!

    These guys attacking the WTB ads lately are out of control.
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    WTB: Bogner Goldfinger SL head

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    Sold: Les Paul Axcess - Ice Tea

    LP Axcess with mods for sale. Good condition overall. One ding on top can be seen on pic of toggle switch. Other than that the top is clean. Most of the wear is buckle rash on the back. I've done my best to capture everything in the photos For the modifications: -Guitarforce Superstar pickup...
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    Talk to me about home recording and making full band songs

    I've never done much recording in any capacity. What I would really like to start doing is bringing songs I hear in my head to life. I play guitar and do have a bass, but thats it. I would love to be able to lay some guitar riffs and progressions down and use software to add in drums and keys...
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    WTB: Lovepedal Purple Plexi

    Newer all purple model. Version with the boost would be cool, but single button one works too.
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    Sold: Mission EP1-L6 Spring Loaded

    Mission EP1-L6 spring loaded version. This is only a few months old and used very sparingly. Works awesome with my Helix floor that will also be up for sale. The spring loaded one was hard to find and I ended up ordering brand new from Mission. $177 after tax and shipping from them so save some...
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    Egnater Tweaker 40 Ch1 Static Issue

    Picked up a Tweaker 40 from GC and it's got an issue I am wondering if anyone might have some ideas on what to check. Seems to not happen right away, but after its warmed up a bit on Ch1 only this static intermittently happens along with what is almost behaving...
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    WTB: Fender American Original 60s Tele in Lake Placid Blue

    On the market for one of these.
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    How to ship flight cases?

    I have an amp head case and a pedal board in a hard flight case I need to ship. Is there any reason for them to be inside a box? What have ya'll done?
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    Sold: MXR EVH Phase 90 $80 Shipped/PayPal to CONUS. No trades please
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    SOLD: Empress ParaEQ

    Empress ParaEQ in very good condition. Very small paint nick and a scuff on left top edge. Works great and is a very powerful tool offering a clean boost or parametric eq or both at the same time. Quality pedal! $old shipped/PayPal to CONUS. No trades
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    FS: Gibson 498t and 496r Humbuckers

    Pulled these from a Les Paul Axcess. Will sell individually or together. Black, 4 conductor. ... cker-black ... cker-black
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    Sold: Motor City Detroiter set

    MCP Detroiter set for sale. Zebra, short leg with braided 2 conductor. I used a dremel tool to shape the feet of the bridge to fit the direct mount of a Peavey Wolfgang. Still works as a spring mount and the work is done if you have a direct mount triangular shaped feet application. $old...
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    SOLD: Electro- Harmonix Green Russian Big Muff

    Mint condition, no velcro, no box. $80 Shipped/PayPal to CONUS
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    Sold: Cusack Screamer V2 - Black

    Excellent condition in original box and content that comes with it. $old Shipped/PayPal to CONUS
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    Sold: Analogman Boss GE-7

    Excellent condition. I purchased it new and used it very little. Comes in original box. $old Shipped/PayPal to CONUS
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    Sold: Sennheiser E609 Microphone

    Excellent condition in original box with unused clip and case that came with it. $old Shipped/PayPal to CONUS
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    Sold: Friedman Buxom Boost

    I just got this pedal. Tried it out and absolutely love it! But then I completely shifted gears and have decided to go all in with the Helix so I am selling all my individual pedals. It is mint! $old shipped/PayPal to CONUS.