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  1. c_tecks

    EMG 57 vs EMG 81 high gain comparison

    Made a comparison of these active pickups. - In the mix clip - mono riff over 3 different rigs - another in the mix, also containing solo guitars, but double tracked (stereo) I didn't record any cleans, they weren't 'clean' anyway, always a little bit distorted and let's be honest, EMG's are...
  2. c_tecks

    Celestion H-75 Creamback (clean, crunch, high gain demo)

    Definitely one of my favourite speakers by Celestion. Any Creamback owners here?
  3. c_tecks

    6505+ vs Mesa Roadster comparison

    I've compared these amps, but since the Mesa Roadster has 4 channels, I made two comparison video's. The first one is channel 1+3 compared to the 6505+, second is is using channel 2+4. Cleans are very different, Mesa is quite warm and dark, while the 6505+ is the other way around. What do you...
  4. c_tecks

    SM57 vs Beta 58a guitar recording

    I've made a comparison of both microphones and this is the result. What are your favourite mics for recording guitar tracks?
  5. c_tecks

    Celestion A-Type demonstration (clean, crunch and high gain)

    The Celestion A-Type... Anyone uses this one?
  6. c_tecks

    EVH 5150 III vs 6505+ comparison... Cleans + High gain

    Cleans are definitely different, but high gain is really close! I just matched the EQ settings, I think it can even sound closer with a little bit more tweaking.
  7. c_tecks

    Celestion H30 Anniversary demonstration (clean, crunch, high gain)

    This weeks speaker demonstration on my channel is the G12H30 Anniversary edition. Next week I'm demonstrating the A-Type. I would also like to ask, if you like the effort of how I'm creating these video's, please consider supporting me by subscribing. I'm focussing on publishing a lot more...
  8. c_tecks

    Celestion Vintage 30 demonstration (cleans, crunch and high gain)

    Today's Sunday speaker demonstration on my channel is the V30. It is a Mesa V30. Next week I demonstrate the G12H Anniversary Edition.
  9. c_tecks

    Celestion Neo 250 Copperback review

  10. c_tecks

    Celestion G12T-75 clean, crunch and high gain demo

    The T-75 is a speaker which a lot of people either totally love or totally hate. Also used a lot in combination with a V30.
  11. c_tecks

    Celestion Lynchback demo, is it better than V30's?

    I'm demoing all Celestion speakers I own (currently 11). This week it's the Celestion Lynchback. The Lynchback is a modern sounding speaker, great for high gain but somewhat darker than most speakers. I'm not entirely sure if this speaker is still made, it looks like they don't sell it anymore...
  12. c_tecks

    Celestion Neo Creamback demonstration

    I uploaded a video demo of the lightweight Celestion Neo Creamback speaker. It's a lightweight speaker (Neodymium magnet). The demo has clean, crunch and high gain tone, so I hope it satisfies all sorts of guitar players. Both a band setup 'in the mix' and 'raw guitars only' demonstration. I...
  13. c_tecks

    Fulltone OCD can it do high gain well? (video)

    Made a video to test the Fulltone OCD and see if I can use the pedal for high gain purposes instead of crunch/overdrive. I think the result is not bad, but it lacks when it comes to how it feels. Actually reminds me of the times I had marshall amps (which I personally don't like for high gain)...
  14. c_tecks

    pickup comparison videos (EMG vs Fishman)

    Hi, I've done some video's in the past for fun on YouTube. This is the EMG 81 vs Fishman Fluence (modern alnico) R_fVHworfCI and this is one more recently of 4 different active pickups: -Da9usbBqs8 I'd like to take it a step further and more serious and would love to know what you think...
  15. c_tecks

    11 Celestion speakers comparison (clean/crunch + high gain)

    I made a comparison of 11 Celestion speakers. No post processing (not even lowpass/highpass) to give the fairest representation of how they sound. Which one do you like the most and what are your favourite speakers? Also what do you like/dislike about the video, all advice is welcome. High...
  16. c_tecks

    Cabinets: open back vs closed back vs closed back with foam

    Hi all, Since I was going to insert some acoustic foam in my 1x12 I thought why not make a small comparison of open back vs closed back vs closed back treated with foam. Here's the result: xu9yHOSsl1M What do you think of the difference?