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    Finally broke down and bought a brand new Dual Rec and could not be happier. Loving it! :rock:
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    Peavey Windsors

    I have heard these are good amps and I have heard they are terrible without a mod. People also talk about the build quality. Any first hand testimony?
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    NGD!!! Jackson JJ2

    I had to sell mine a few years back when I got divorced and now that I have another, I cannot believe I sold the last one. Completely badass guitar. Sounds and feels great. I am so stoked to have another one.
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    Gibson V pickup advice

    I recently got and '07 white Gibson V with an Ebony board and the previous owner put in a Duncan "59 in the bridge and I want to put something a bit hotter in it. I want to stay with a passive pickup. Any advice?