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    Color suggestions

    Lol, I'm actually considering satin black. Sonic or Daphne blue look good too
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    Color suggestions

    I’m going to order a body for a super strat build and I’m looking for some color suggestions. I’m using existing parts I have e so it will have gold hardware and white pickups. Fretboard is ebony with abalone dots. No fancy top or anything. Just alder. Whatcha guys think?
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    143 Brits died shortly after their jabs

    You'll probably have to say it a little louder for him to hear it from his Biden Bunker
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    143 Brits died shortly after their jabs

    Yep. Just read today that now the J&J vaccine is causing reactions. But they'll just keep pushing it.
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    Aged bronze hardware

    I'm was just trying to get a gameplan together for my warbird superstrat build that I started another thread about. However, I have since discovered that this pic I posted with the look I want is actually a Luxxtone build. So......anyone wanna buy a kidney?
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    Aged bronze hardware

    Yeah I've had 1000s before and except for a little gritty feel on the fine tuners they are rock solid
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    Aged bronze hardware

    I saw that. Actually looking at it again, that's probably achievable by using extra fine steel wool on a chrome one. I know there's copper under chrome. Just have to be careful because it's thin.
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    Aged bronze hardware

    I've seena few pictures of builds with aged bronze (or copper?) hardware but can't seem to locate a source. Specifically an Original Floyd Rose and locking tuners. Anybody know or am I chasing a unicorn?
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    Talk me out of buying this 3rd Power Citizen Gain CSR

    Don’t buy it........... That help?:D
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    Airplane art guitar body builders?

    Oof. May have to save this dream for another time :aww: Not that the fee is out of line for one of the best, it's just not in the budget right now.
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    Airplane art guitar body builders?

    Thanks for the tips. I found this pic doing a search. This is the look and feel I’m after I think
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    Airplane art guitar body builders?

    Can anyone recommend a builder that does super strat bodies in WWII airplane art like Memphis Belle?
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    143 Brits died shortly after their jabs

    Mom occasionally takes internet privileges away from them for acting out.
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    MLB Caves

    They went woke so any repercussions they suffer are duly earned.
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    Tell me about the Whitesnake Doug Aldrich albums

    I always though Forevermore was just ok and Dougs tone didn't sit well in the mix imo. I saw them live with him and he and Reb were on fire.
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    Origin of Covid-19

    And I guarantee that fuck Fauci knew about it.
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    Online sales

    This, and multitudes of other threads about this bullshit is now why I let a local shop sell my stuff on consignment.
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    Indonesian Jackson Soloist $480

    Yep. And that's where the Indonisian built guitars should be price wise. However, I cannot see how companies like Ibanez can justify charging almost 2K for one.
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    CNutz' Underboob Thread Deleted. WTF?

    Just start another thread about it but call it “The feminine power of the breast underside, and how it took down Donald Trump”. Then it will fly with the woke police.
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    New Wolfie VH video

    Yeah, like the time I was watching Jackyl in the early days and literally said out loud “these guys will never get signed”. It wasn’t 6 months and they had a deal. So, what the fuck do I know? :D