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    Splawn Nitro 100watt KT88

    Super beefy and articulate. 100 watt Got the big boy tubes (KT88). Comes with footswitch. Amp sounds massive. Moving it along as I’ve found something else I like slightly more. New preamp tubes. Tung sol in v1 and v3. JJ in v2 and v4. Pickup in 15237 Pittsburgh pa. Really only looking to meet up...
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    FS:Ceriatone King Kong 50

    Mint condition Comes with footswitch Super versatile but I have my eye on something else. Local sale only for now (Pittsburgh Pa) $1300 Can get more pics later. Thanks!
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    NAD: Monomyth modded 2203x

    Ended up making a trade deal with tpruitt. Man this thing is loud. More of a power amp voicing mod leaving most of the preamp stock. Tight and aggressive but not super gained out. Hi input is the whole preamp, Low input bypasses the Gain (preamp) knob. Supper cool. Will need to get some videos...