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  1. xzyryabx

    Talk me out of the AXE FX III

    You'll lose a bunch a when the AXE III XLS-SVT comes out....just stick with the Kemper for your digital needs
  2. xzyryabx

    UPS broke a 2:90 I shipped.

    As far as I know UPS will not honor any insurance claims unless they did the packing themselves. Shipping cost and issues like this are the main reasons I finally have up on tube amps, just too much hesstle to move.
  3. xzyryabx

    Too Weird? (The note choices, not the guitar!) :)

    I didn't hear a sour note anywhere, I dig it, good job!
  4. xzyryabx

    The great Singlecut debate: Gibson LP vs PRS Singlecut

    I definitely think modellers and profilers will be completely replacing tube amps.
  5. xzyryabx

    Cable Management Labels

    I use those tags that close bread bags!
  6. xzyryabx

    Relisting Dave Mustaine guitars at enormous prices. Opinions?

    Has he been able to sell any of them at those prices?
  7. xzyryabx

    Sure SM7B top?

    It`s 2021,please use the correct pronoun.
  8. xzyryabx

    Anyone into Gojira?

    Great bad! From Mars to Serius is their best album IMHO
  9. xzyryabx

    Guy makes guitar out of his uncle's dead bones

    Saw that...This vintage craze is getting out of control
  10. xzyryabx

    Mateus Asato announces break from music

    Too prickly
  11. xzyryabx

    Horrible Exchange with Fatbagg

    maybe you should stop posting and make this shit right douchebag
  12. xzyryabx

    Horrible Exchange with Fatbagg

    This is supremely shady shit. With all due respect fatbagg, your problems with your mom and liver and daughter and VA and whatever, although unfortunate (if real), are nobody's problems but your own own. Don't email the guy you douche, CALL him, apologise, send the money back, give him a blowjob...
  13. xzyryabx

    Quad Cortex Neural DSP

    That about sums up every new piece of gear. I stopped looking at anything after my kemper; my ears can't tell the difference between real and fake for the past few generations of this shit so as far I'm concerned the nails in the coffin for this crap. There will always be new gear and there will...
  14. xzyryabx

    Paypal 1099 From Gear Sales

    I got a request for that from Reverb....I think the requirements were over 20K sold or over 200 transactions in a year (federal req) or a lesser ammount required by your state requires it for anything over 1K or so in sales. Total bullshit...paying tax on the way in and the way...
  15. xzyryabx

    Need help with American voltage!

    Does he also need to match the frequency (50 vs 60Hz)? As greatzot said, don't skip on a transformer for an expensive piece of gear like a VH4...and be prepared, that's gonna be a big, heavy (and ugly) lump of iron. Not gonna break the bank, but not gonna be cheap either. Congrats btw!!
  16. xzyryabx

    Valvulator GP/DI or ????

    Wait...that thing actually made it to market at the end of the day?! I remember the development saga from what feels like a decade ago and this is the first time I've heard of it since.
  17. xzyryabx

    NPD! Engl E530!

    Congrats! Great unit...always regretted selling mine
  18. xzyryabx

    Alexi Laiho RIP

    This sucks...what a shitty start to 2021. RIP Alexi.
  19. xzyryabx

    Any news of Cameron lately?

    Did anybody ever sue him or bernie rico jr? They burned a shit load of ppl for a boatload of cash, so I'd be surprised if nobody actually filed suit...but I never heard about anything like that. I get that you can't get blood from a stone but god damn if I got jipped for that much coin i'd at...
  20. xzyryabx

    How a PLEK works

    Keep in mind at most places, at least when I looked a few years back, they charge around $500+/-, so unjustifiable financially, for me, except for any custom/special guitars.