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  1. keano

    Gibson LP Customs EMG 85 or Rebel Yell?

    I have a Black Custom with EMG 81/85. I love the 85 in the neck because I love soloing with that warm power. For my white one I had a Suhr Aldrich which I do not like at all. Very dead sounding to me. So I am thinking of going Rebel Yell set but worried the neck won't be as powerful as I like...
  2. keano

    How clean Orange RV 50 MKII and 100 MKII

    I know the 100 will hold cleans better which are important to me. But how loud can I get the 50 before breaking up?
  3. keano

    Best OD for Shiva?

    Looking for a bigger tone not muddy though on channel two. Then I plan to kick in the Shiva boost for solos. I was thinking of BOR, Love Eternity? I have a BB but it thins out the tone.
  4. keano

    Lovelpedal quesitons Eternity and the Kalamazoo

    Can someone tell me are these different enough to buy. I have an OCD and BB I like but kind of brash. BB is cool but thins the tone. I heard the Kalamazoo sounds exactly like a KLON. I want a bigger tone without being changed and the Kalamazoo sounds like that but then I also want a one for...
  5. keano

    Split coil humbuckers - Loss of power?

    I like diversity and play Les Paul's. I want to get two of them with split coils. Will this result in loss of power or be minimal to notice? Also what are good coils to split? I am wanting a Rebel Yell. I already have a JB. Curious about Nailbomb.
  6. keano

    What a freaking solo - TASTY ... re=related 3:10
  7. keano

    BOGNER 20TH ANNIVERSARY Shiva no reverb?

    Hi all - I saw a 20th Shiva at a decent price but it has no reverb. DO you guys use the reverb much? Is it worth paying the extra?
  8. keano

    Shiva 20th or Older Shiva for better cleans?

    I have an older Bogner Shiva and the cleans are amazing. I have heard the 20th aren't as good? Can anyone who has played both give me there opinion? On the 20th clean channel you still have the option of a bright or normal without bringing in the boost on the clean?
  9. keano

    Bogner OS 2X12 closed back or panels?

    I saw one closed back but I heard the paneled back version is better for smaller places. More open sound not so directional? I play bars and smaller clubs.
  10. keano

    Anyone find the Tweaker 88 dark? Tried it live?

    Curious if anyone has found the Tweaker 88 dark? And also if anyone has used it in a live band situation? Does it cut or get lost? I am sure cab can make a difference. I know Egnaters are dark by nature.
  11. keano

    Tone 5150 III 2X12 vs. V30 2X12

    the 5150 has the 30 watt heritage speakers. How would this sound compared to say a bogner OS 2X12?
  12. keano

    Tweaker 88 with 2X12 Bogner

    Hey guys I was playing a Tweaker 88 through a PRS 2X12 and it sounded great. I know the Tweaker comes with its own speakers. Would the v30's be a step down in tone. It sounded great to me?
  13. keano

    Tweaker 88 head with what 2X12?

    Can someone tell me what 2X12 would work well with a Tweaker 88 head. I could two of the Egnater speakers. Have option to use one or two.
  14. keano

    Sell 5153 or the Bogner XC 101b?

    I dig both of these amp but need the money. Would prefably like to play through a 2X12 cab. The 5153 sounds great and is straight forward. xtc sounds great also but I could get more money. I don't play metal. rock and what not.
  15. keano

    Dave: 5153 Question - touch feel

    Hi Dave. I have a 5153 you biased. When I played it at your shop the feel, seemed less compressed more fluid to the touch when at home it seems more stiffer. Could the speakers have anything to do with this? I play with V30's. No right. When I go to Guitar Center and play there's it more fluid...
  16. keano

    Sounds very Bogner XTC to me (Cinderella Moscow)

    The solo in the beginning of this clip sounds very woody and with enough fizz that is reminiscent of the XTC.
  17. keano


    Hi where can I buy/try a tweaker-40?
  18. keano

    Bogner 2X12 8 or 16 matter?

    Guy is selling one at 16 ohms and another at 8? does it matter? Going to use a XTC. Tone difference?
  19. keano

    EVH Cab or Scumback cab

    The EVH cab sounds amazing with the EVH head. I also played a scumback cab with M75 and loved it also.But I can get the EVH cab cheaper. Is it fair to say these are both great cabs and can't go wrong?
  20. keano

    Any Los Angeles Wizard owners?

    Would love to hear one in person..