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  1. DiezelMonster

    Wanted Mako Mak 2

    Hey guys I'm on the hunt for an unobtainable thing! the Mako Mak 2 If you have one or know of one, don't hesitate. Please let me know. Thanks.
  2. DiezelMonster

    Steavens Poundcake amps?

    Okay guys I'm still working out in this Apocalypse but I'm on the hunt for an amp I've never owned but have played. So lets talk about the Steavens poundcake! Does anyone here currently own one? I've seen some videos and there are tones there I really dig. I've red all the posts on here I...
  3. DiezelMonster

    Black faceplate for VH4?

    Hi guys. Is it possible to get a black faceplate on a VH4? Just a thought. Cheers.
  4. DiezelMonster

    Kartakou Collossus preamp?

    Hey guitar folks. Anyone have a Kartakou Collossus preamp? They sound pretty good from what I've heard on YouTube, anyone own one though? What is the quality like? Thanks.
  5. DiezelMonster

    Watned Mesa Boogie Coliseum 300 power amp

    Hi guys I'm on the hunt for a Mesa Boogie Coliseum 300 Power amp. I found one in Ohio but it's in need of service and I'm not interested in paying for something that needs work. Picture for attention. Let me know if you have one and what you are looking to get. Cheers.
  6. DiezelMonster

    Fortin Cali at Winter NAMM

    Here is a new amp to get twisted over!
  7. DiezelMonster

    Wanted Black Floyd rose Pro

    Hey shredders. I'm looking for a Black Floyd Rose Pro, made in Germany. Not the 1000. It doesn't have to be mint or new, just has to be black and the German made bridge. Let me know what you have.
  8. DiezelMonster

    Wanted~ Bareknuckle Aftermath bridge pickup.

    Hey guys I'm looking for a good deal on a BKP Aftermath bridge pickup, preferred a black open coil with allen head bolts. 50mm spacing and 4 conductor. I would take a black battle worn cover as well if that is all you have. Hit me up with what you have, I'm located in Ontario, Canada. Cheers.
  9. DiezelMonster

    Bogner Eclipse

    Thought I would ask here in case anyone has asked, but Can the Eclipse be ordered with a metal grill? I'd like to get one and I know they are shipping now, just thought I'd ask here. Cheers
  10. DiezelMonster

    WTB~ Mako Mak 2

    I know this is a MASSIVE shot in the dark I'm looking for a Mako Mak 2 head only. Hit me up here.
  11. DiezelMonster

    For Sale~ Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier Rackmount $1200

    Hey guys I'm putting my Rackmount Dual Rectifier up for grabs serial # R-0076XX REV G It's in excellent condition and sounds incredible, I'd love to keep it but I just got a Bogner and don't have the space to have two rigs in my small apartment. Anyhow, the Rackto is in excellent shape, only...
  12. DiezelMonster

    Bogner Ecstasy! NAD

    Well, I went on a hunt to learn some info on an amp I have not owned yet, I've been back to playing Dual Rectifiers the last 4 years and this one has always been in the back of my mind. I hadn't played one since I was very young and even then it was a much older model. Anyhow, fast forward to...
  13. DiezelMonster

    Rackmount Soldano SLO, feeding my obsession

    Hey guys Does anyone currently on the forum have a Rackmount SLO? I know Sharkdiver had many, not sure if he is still around these parts. Anyhow I kinda want one for some dumb reason, I know it will be hard to find and I'll pay through the nose for one. Anyhow, there is a Russian amp builder...
  14. DiezelMonster

    New Cryptopsy, F Yeah!

    Okay, so Cookie monster vocal haters move along, you are NOT going to like this and it isn't for you and we know you don't like it because it's not early VH, Old Metallica, Dio or whatever. I've been into death metal since I don't know when, early Morbid Angel I guess. I've always loved...
  15. DiezelMonster

    Mako Dorado awesomness!

    Hey guys I just got a Mako Dorado from forum member Sevenstringer, amp showed up fast and I've never played one before so I was hesitant to try. I saw many clips on youtube but they did nothing for me. And honestly I've heard mixed things about these amps. I got it yesterday but plugged it in...
  16. DiezelMonster

    Hulk Meathead

    Hey Everyone Just making a post, I have not really been around on here much lately, I STILL have my Meathead, I still think its the best amp for me and Just want to thank Mike again for making such a perfect amp for my application. I've gigged with the amp and will continue to do so! I've...
  17. DiezelMonster

    My band is opening for Threat Signal this Friday!

    Hey guys! Just super excited to get our first gig underway opening for a pretty big local band! I'm pretty stoked! The Meathead will get it's first live run down!! Cheers guys!!!! C
  18. DiezelMonster

    edited for overuse of humor and jokes, *ban imminent*

    :edited by user for extreme jokes and humor not allowed here :shocked: :banhim:
  19. DiezelMonster

    Thoughts on traditional sized Mesa cabinets?

    Yes I know another thread about cabinets, and believe me I have read all I can about cabinets on the various forums. Anyhow because of where I work I can get these Mesa cabs at a fairly decent price so I wanted to get everyones take on the traditional sized cabinets. I've used them before and...
  20. DiezelMonster

    Anymore news on the Armageddon?

    Hey guys I have been keeping up the best I can with it, but I am stoked to get an Armageddon, was wondering if there is anymore news on it? also the Vengeance? there was very little news about that at namm? anything now? I've read all I can read that has been posted? just looking for more...