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  1. MantraSky

    AmpRx BrownBox useful for the BE100?

    I was just wondering if any of the Forum "Friedman user's" had any experience with this device? The BE100 states on the back of the amp that 120vac is the maximum voltage, on the BrownBox has a percentage switch 3,4,6 & 10% reduction from the main input. "What's a great range to set it?" (or...
  2. MantraSky

    BE100 Hum problem "please help"

    Hello Dave, I seem to be having a "Hum" problem with my BE100. Here's the best description: Amp > Cabinet "Nothing" plugged in = Hum? Thanks.
  3. MantraSky

    Friedman Christmas

    From my Son \../ Coffee Time
  4. MantraSky

    Friedman BE100

    The BE100 has been a great amp, loving the tones ever since the Modifications, great Cleans to Gain. Awesome in the studio and engineers love its versatility and ease of adjustments! :)