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    Simple mods to a 2203 - Metallica RTL

    Changing V1b from 10k to 6.8k or 4.7k will get you a little more gain without changing the overall tone much if any..
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    Aged bronze hardware

    Chubtone guys seem to recommend someone the couple times I have asked in the past but could never find the dealer or person they would recommend..
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    AxeFX Ultra Rig Question

    Its mic level, doesnt matter which connector you use on the G55. You need to use the front input on the Ultra or just get a preamp or Wireless that outputs line level if you are stuck using the rear input...
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    Airplane art guitar body builders? Give Stephen a shout..
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    AxeFX Ultra Rig Question

    Straight from the manual: “To connect to an instrument amplifier or other audio equipment with a quarter-inch connector such as a signal processor or effects unit, use a quarter-inch to quarter-inch instrument cable; this output is also mic level.” Its mic level so gonna need something to...
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    AxeFX Ultra Rig Question

    If they are close to each other dont over think it, just use the 1/4" on the wireless to the 1/4" on the Ultra..
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    Finished another mod 50 watter (before and after filter cap upgrade)

    Sounds great as always! Both have their place and I like the lower filtering for the vintage feel and tone but those higher gain preamp designs need that higher filtering to keep up with that style of playing. Its the beauty of building these beasts, you can go in so many different directions...
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    Marshallmel is another good one!!

    Picked up @marshallmel 's Suhr he had listed here, EXCELLENT communication, packing and amazingly nice guitar. Could not have gone smoother. Thank you again for a great deal and beautiful guitar!
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    Beandust is a good guy

    Reached out about a guitar I was thinking about selling and ended up being in town as well. Well we met up and as expected less than 1 degree of separation from a good number of musician friends. Great guy, simple and easy transaction and was happy to move a guitar I was not vibing with and...
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    The great Singlecut debate: Gibson LP vs PRS Singlecut

    I will weigh in that having had my share of both, they are different it just is what it is. The difference I have found is that EVERY PRS Core/Signature model I have played sounded and played very consistently. LP's well you know you have have to play 20 to find a good one. I did just get a...
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    Matchless Coldwater Canyon | VIDEO

    Really great sounding, any more details its not listed on the web site?
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    Suppose you have an extra $1400 bucks / what do ?

    Buy @marshallmel's Suhr and sell some other gtrs to make up the difference, thanks again!
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    SD-1 Style Pedal that Handles Volume Knob Rolling?

    Fulltone Fulldrive cleans up nice and is an SD1 derivative..
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    Where are all the Goldfingers?

    Congrats, would mind checking something? Do you get any extra hum or noise just turning on the FX loop with nothing connected? I am noticing an underlying hum when its on and tube replacement did not make any difference....
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    Vito Bratta's white Esp Strat specs?

    Rumored to be Ash with a JB and 250k volume pot, not sure what the single coils were..
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    Where are all the Goldfingers?

    Ordered all new preamp tubes as it seems a little to muddy sounding, also FX loop has a hum when engaged..otherwise still enjoying this amp...
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    Tell Me about the Jet City 50H/100H

    Actually went with the standard SLO set, Sovteks in the pre and Sovtek 5881 wafer bottoms...Some good info at SLO Clones...
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    Tell Me about the Jet City 50H/100H

    Yea i went down the rabbit hole on modding my HD100 and honestly it was a fun lesson but a good set of tubes, biased properly is all you really need to do...
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    Variac'd Superlead type amps; SL68, Helios, et al

    No it just bypasses one of the voltage dropping resistors for the PI and PreAmp tubes..
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    Where are all the Goldfingers?

    Just tweaked the bias and replaced the JJ long plate in V2 with a Chinese, plenty of top end and the bass tightened up considerably..