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    Color suggestions

    I’m going to order a body for a super strat build and I’m looking for some color suggestions. I’m using existing parts I have e so it will have gold hardware and white pickups. Fretboard is ebony with abalone dots. No fancy top or anything. Just alder. Whatcha guys think?
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    Aged bronze hardware

    I've seena few pictures of builds with aged bronze (or copper?) hardware but can't seem to locate a source. Specifically an Original Floyd Rose and locking tuners. Anybody know or am I chasing a unicorn?
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    Airplane art guitar body builders?

    Can anyone recommend a builder that does super strat bodies in WWII airplane art like Memphis Belle?
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    Face down in the gutter (XYZ) tone

    MP-1? I’ve always been under the impression it was. Can anyone confirm?
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    Ibanez TSA15H for pedals

    Anyone use one for a pedal platform? How is it as far as volume and low end tightness?
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    You what would be nice?

    A high quality modeler that has maybe 5-7 amp profiles and IRs and maybe 10 types of effects and about 15 or so presets. And the ability to download/switch the models. That would make me want to try it again. I dont want a gazillion options. That's why we spend more time tweaking than playing...
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    BE-OD pedals

    Hey Dave, can you tell me if BE-ODs (deluxe) and DS pedals are designed to be used as a preamp and would work well with something like a Duncan Powerstage?
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    Duncan Powerstages

    Looking for some opinions on these in terms of tone and feel. How does it react compared to tubes? I'm redoing my music room this spring and am looking to possibly created a rig using one with my Friedman pedals and my Bogner OS 2x12 instead of a head. I'm not concerned with cleans. I have a 65...
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    Chubtone website

    Does anyone know what's up with the Chubtone website? It's been down for a couple of days. Are they still open?
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    Help with Tele Bridge pickup ID

    Can anybody help me ID this pickup? I took it out of a mid 90s Hamer T-51 a long time ago. It’s measuring at 15k.
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    Strap Lock

    Does anybody remember a strap lock that went over your strap and twisted to lock? They were black plastic and similar to the Daddario ones but without the little cable holder.
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    The world needs more Ted Lasso

    Just sayin’ Carry on.
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    Virtue signaling in professional sports..

    Is it something that makes you walk away from it?
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    WTB Gotoh Locking Tuners FOUND!

    Looking for a complete set of Gotoh SG301-20-MGT locking tuners 3+3 in gold. Thanks! Set found.
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    Best place for Bournes Pots

    I've got some new pickups coming for my MIJ LP Custom and am thinking about trying some Bournes pots. Pretty much stuck to CTS up to this point. So where's the best place to buy em?
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    I can't believe I have to post this: Neil Peart RIP

    Even as a guitar player this is crushing to me :no:
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    Amp Modeler Advice

    I'm thinking about getting back into a modeler and wanted some of you experts to weigh in. I'm a home player at the moment using a modded Blues Jr and pedals or my Katana Artist. I'm an 70s/80s rock and hard rock guy and am getting into rockabilly so those would be my main tones. Probably 15 or...
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    Katana Artist Combo FS

    Katana Artist Combo. Original owner. Comes with GA-FC. Home use only. Shipped in original box. $525 shipped/PP Lower 48. No Trades
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    RIP Glen Campbell

    You were a legend and guitar hero that transcended generations and musical styles. May you finally be at peace and able to play with all your god given talent again....,
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    Schecter USA Production series CET

    Anybody have or played one? Looking for opinions and how they compare to others in the price range.