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  1. CrazyNutz

    Ultimate Friedman style build

    So the goal here is to build a Friedman style 100w amp, while incorporating features/tones from BE100 (old/new), BE50 deluxe, JJ100, and Butterslax Clean: Buxom Betty from BE50 deluxe HBE: from BE50 Deluxe BE: from BE100 NFB Selection switch from original BE100 2015 to 2016 > Tight switch...
  2. CrazyNutz

    Synergy Royal Mustard Caps

    Dave, since you probably use these the most, have you noticed any break-in period? Do they get warmer over time?
  3. CrazyNutz

    Synergy Modules

    Master Dave, Since there is yet to be a Synergy Amps manufacturers forum, and you would be the closest to the project here, I would like to ask a few questions if you are at liberty to speak. I know the Synergy Modules use Royal Mustard caps, what about the chassis SYN1, SYN2 (and possibly the...
  4. CrazyNutz

    4x12 Back Panels

    Particle Board vs Birch Ply vs Birch Ply w/Poly Fill I've seen a few debates here and there. I've owned many 4x12's, and still do. I've heard people call manufactures cheap, cutting corners, doing it wrong, etc. for using particle board back panels on their high-end line of cabinets. So I...