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  1. xzyryabx

    Some kids just recreated Dark Side of the Moon (the full album!)

    ...and did a great job!
  2. xzyryabx

    FS: Engl - Two Notes - EMG - M-Audio - Korg OBO

    Doing some spring cleaning. Sorry for the pics. 1) Engl Ironball $800 + shipping Amp is mint. Replaced the power-amp tubes a few months ago, then got my Kemper so they are practically unused. Comes with the original box and paperwork. Don't know what else to say about it. Not in a band so it...
  3. xzyryabx

    FS: Two Notes Torpedo Live/EMG 85/ENGL Z-4 switch/Korg PX5D

    Two Notes Torpedo Live. Used but in excellent condition. It never left my apartment. Will ship in the original boxes. $625 shipped EMG 85. Quick connect version. Used but in excellent condition. Will ship in the original box, but don't have any of the wires/pots. $65 shipped Korg...
  4. xzyryabx

    Good, Simple, and Cheap Audio Interface Suggestions?

    I am sick of spending $400+ on an interface only for it to become obsolete within a few years or when I upgrade my mac and the ports change....but, I'm dying to record with my I've decided to bit the bullet and get something under $200. I have no idea what I'm doing when comparing...
  5. xzyryabx

    My thoughts on the Kemper....A+

    I received my Kemper Stage 2 weeks ago now and now that I have had some quality time with it I have to say it's a game changer for me. My Engl Ironball/Two Notes Torpedo setup, although pretty bad ass, is on its way out and never touching another tube amp again. For what I need (bedroom warrior...
  6. xzyryabx

    Kemper guys...

    Just ordered a Kemper Stage and started looking at into rig profiles and felt like I had stepped back into the world of impulse responses...way too many options and opinions that I have no idea what to do and can't invest the time needed to get oriented so I need your help. What should I look...
  7. xzyryabx

    ESP experts come on in

    I came across a guitar that is labelled as a prototype on the headstock under the SN. I have never seen this before and not sure if legit? Other than that the guitar seems genuine....but with the prevalence of knock-offs these days I'm a bit concerned Here's a pic of the headstock
  8. xzyryabx

    Osaka Guitar Shopping

    I'm in Osaka until the 9th. Anybody here as well and want to do the rounds to the guitar shops?!! :rock:
  9. xzyryabx

    ESP Takamiy...thoughts?

    Ever since I've been playing more clean i've been underwhelmed with a standard hum bucker in the bridge, and one of my ESPs in particular excels; it's a 27 fretted with a slanted neck stacked SD pup (no idea which) but when I engage the push-pull in the neck position it sounds glorious (clean)...
  10. xzyryabx

    Help! Weird buzzing sound

    If I put the amp master volume to 12 o'clock (engl ironball, 25W attenuated to silent using the buolt in attenuator) I can hear a buzzing sound whenever I strum my if there is a tiny shitty speaker in my amp. The problem seem more pronounced when I am pluggued into my torpedo live...
  11. xzyryabx

    Torpedo Live DI and Re-amping

    Hi Two Notes team! After a failed experimentation w/ the C.A.B. a few years ago I decided to buy a Live and give it another shot since I'd like to get into recording again. One thing I'd like to do this time around is record a DI signal which I can later re-amp so I don't have to re-record...
  12. xzyryabx

    Bernie Rico Jr.

    Any news about him? I haven't heard anything after his breakdown except that he may be working with some new company that's associated to gear hounds... I'm curious if any of the SSO guys that were ripped off by him ever got any resolution or actually escalated it to a lawsuit.
  13. xzyryabx

    Tremol-no Question

    I recently got my hands on my first tremol-no and thus far I'm pretty happy with it. I'm having a small problem with it though, and not sure if it's an installation problem or a hardware issue: When I bend a note, I hear a "knock" coming from the i opened up the back to see...
  14. xzyryabx

    Nut Slots

    I've moved to a smaller gauge of strings and the nut slots seem to be cut too deep for the new gauge. Not sure what material the nut is made from, but it's seems to be a type of plastic or carbon fibre? How do I go about repairing the deep slots? I saw a youtube video where they mixed making...
  15. xzyryabx

    Unblocking a floyd rose

    I had my luthier block a floyd rose for me previously and I now want to unblock it and install a tremolo-no (thanks mel!!) instead. What he did was "half" block it by gluing a small 2x2 cm block of wood to the end of the cavity closet to the claw (so now it only dips and can't be raised). I...
  16. xzyryabx

    When you play... do you improvise? Teachers usually try to suggest either 1) learn the scale "equation" and apply that to any relevant root note 2) Memorize the scale all over the neck and play from the applicable notes 3) Just memorize these 5 boxes in the scale and key you use the most and stick to...
  17. xzyryabx

    Mouradian Guitar Co

    Just wanted to give you guys a heads up about Jim Mouradian. Extremely good luthier, knows his stuff and as honest as they get. I have no affiliation to Jim, but heard good reviews about his work online and decided to give him a shot, and was blown away. He is around Boston, but even if you are...
  18. xzyryabx

    Disapointed at ESP

    My best friend purchased a custom ordered ESP a year ago and is the second owner of the guitar. He babied that guitar like you wouldn't believe, and it recently developed a warped neck. He contacted ESP and was basically told tough shit, you're not the original owner there's nothing we can do...
  19. xzyryabx

    Suhr Sales + maple neck/board maintenance

    Was just browsing TGP and came across a Suhr thread, and John commented that the modern series comprises the majority of their sales. That came as a shock to me! I personally love and prefer the modern shape, but would have guessed that the standard style guitars would outnumber the moderns in...
  20. xzyryabx

    Tonewoods myth

    since when is this a thing?!! too often I am coming across this topic and there seems to be serious discussion about it. has it always been around or is this a new phenomenon? reminds me of the anti-vaccine movement and the Obama wasn't born in the US hysteria...