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  1. halomojo

    Royal Blood - Typhoons Full Band Cover | Friedman, P Bass, JST, the works (VIDEO)

    Check out the full band cover of "Typhoons" by the mighty Royal Blood. This one was definitely an undertaking in terms of layering but it's a pretty monster track. They have a really interesting bass sound split through bass & guitar amps and is tough to emulate, but a good challenge none the...
  2. halomojo

    WTB: Marshall JCM800 2203 100W

    Shoot me a message if you've got one you're looking to sell. Thanks!
  3. halomojo

    Neural DSP Soldano SLO-100 Video & Free Presets

    Hey folks! It's been a while since I've spent a good amount of time with a Soldano but really digging the Neural DSP SLO-100. I've made 7 presets of sounds that I tend to use fairly often if anyone's interested. Typically, I want presets to be super fun to play and inspiring to write with. For...
  4. halomojo

    Matchless Coldwater Canyon | VIDEO

    Got a cool new one for you today. Don't think there's too much info out there yet on these guys. A little something special from the folks at Matchless. The Coldwater Canyon is a little rock beast. With 2 6V6's in the power section, a super interactive EQ, and transparent effects loop - it's got...
  5. halomojo

    MGL 50W High Gain Amp | Modded Marshall Tones on Tap

    Had a chance to check out the High Gain version of the MGL 50W Head and have definitely been impressed. The Standard 50W is a pretty perfect sounding JMP/800 style amp where HG is a bit more of a modded Marshall fire breather. Super fun amp to play. 🔥
  6. halomojo

    MGL AmpWorks 50W | Killer sounding JMP/JCM800 tones | VIDEO

    Just had a chance to check out the MGL 50 and, damn, super impressed! It manages to retain the balls, bark, and bite of a classic amp while improving on all of the little idiosyncrasies that those amps tend to have. The top end is cutting but not brittle, the bottom end is tight but not anemic...
  7. halomojo

    WTB: Wizard Modern Classic II

    Let me know if you've got one for sale. Thanks!
  8. halomojo

    Nuñez Amplification Tetra FET Drive | Torche & HUM tones on tap | VIDEO

    Been really digging the Tetra-Fet Drive form Nuñez Amplification (bass player now guitar player of Torche). This is the kind of pedal you could build an entire rig around. It has a super unique, broad kind of gain with a low end that glows, blooms, and kicks you in the chest. I'm using the pedal...
  9. halomojo

    DEFTONES | "Minerva" Full Band Cover with JST Toneforge: Jeff Loomis / Rex Brown

    Not sure if we have any Deftones fans in the house but I made a full band cover of one of my favorite tunes by them "Minerva." All guitar & bass sounds are coming from the killer JST Toneforge: Jeff Loomis & Toneforge: Rex Brown. Tried to get as close to the original song as possible with the...
  10. halomojo

    Matchless HC-30 | The Holy Grail of EL84 Amps

    Just put up a new video of the Matchless HC-30. It doesn't get a whole lot better than this in my opinion. The HC-30 has long been one of the ultimate clean amps, the ultimate pedal platforms, the ultimate mid-gain amps, etc. There is a super addictive quality to playing through such a touch...
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  12. halomojo

    Friedman SS-100 Steve Stevens | VIDEO

    Stoked to have the Friedman SS-100 back in the house. This was the first production Friedman amp that I got back in 2013 and it was the first amp that really made me go, "damn, there it is." I've owned the SS-100 multiple times over the years, but I think this time, it's here to stay. Ballsy...
  13. halomojo

    In Flames | The Jester's Dance VIDEO - Silverburst > 5150 II

    Not sure if we've got any old school In Flames fans around here, but made a quick cover yesterday of this tune. Always been one of my favs. Programmed the drums in logic, Les Paul Custom, Peavey 5150 II, P Bass. ? Hope you dig it! -_EYnQlwS0g
  14. halomojo

    Xotic BB Preamp | On my pedalboard for 10+ Years

    There's loads of great drive pedals out there, but the BB Preamp has been going strong on my board for over 10 years now. Just always seems to get the job done. ⚡️ What are your go-to's? 7USw3vMyPOg
  15. halomojo

    1979 Marshall JMP | VIDEO

    Snagged a killer sounding '79 Marshall JMP. These amps along with JCM800's have always been a "home base" to me and sound great when you hit them with a boost. Check it out! ⚡️ 8VHItpduz1c
  16. halomojo

    The Matchless Chieftain is my new favorite Clean Amp | VIDEO

    Just put up a video for the seriously killer Matchless Chieftain. It's super dynamic, warm, punchy, loud, and bold, but it's easy under the fingers. It also sounds great at lower volumes. I'm normally much more of a high gain guy, but there's a super addictive quality to playing through such a...
  17. halomojo

    Wizard Amplification Leopard Boost | VIDEO

    Got a chance to check out the new Leopard Boost Pedal from Wizard Amps through my Friedman BE-100 Deluxe & 1988 JCM800 2203! Pretty sweet pedal with a hefty mid push and a lot of bite. Got me jonesing for a Modern Classic II. Hope you dig it. ⚡️ eCEWBtWlxFY
  18. halomojo

    PRS Archon 100W | VIDEO

    The PRS Archon has been on my list of amps to check out for a while now and it does not disappoint! It's super saturated, super tight, and feels easy under the fingers. The killer clean channel doesn't hurt either. All gain tones are un-boosted straight into the amp. Hope you dig it! ⚡️ B1hKkcQca58
  19. halomojo

    Opeth "Ending Credits" Full Band Cover | Friedman BE-100 DLX

    *Posted this in the classifieds by mistake. Moving it here. Made a little tribute to one of my all time favorite bands. I did my best to replicate all the sounds on the track with acoustic, electric, bass, mellotron, and drums (programmed in Logic). Hope you dig it! a4_wlAGFwwE Signal Chain...
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    DELETE. *Didn't mean to post this in the classifieds. Sorry about that!