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  1. sleewell2

    Schecter Sustainiac pickup

    man these look pretty sweet. who has played one? did you like or hate it?
  2. sleewell2

    Gauging interest on a group buy for a Balaguer 7 string?

    I have started to talk to Joe about organizing a possible production level run on a 7 string. Wanted to gauge interest levels to see if this is even feasible. We would need 8 guitars to place the order and then another 8 guitars to do another color option. I am open on the features and the...
  3. sleewell2

    WTB: helix lt

    hit me up thanks
  4. sleewell2

    NGD Balaguer Thicket BB!!!!!

    hate to honeymoon stage gush fest but sometimes it's warranted. THIS GUITAR IS AMAZING!!!!!! fit, finish and attention to detail are remarkable. I scoured the entire thing for even a minor imperfection and could not find anything. the neck is very easy to play and I love the ebony fingerboard...
  5. sleewell2

    KHDK no. 1 vs ghoul screamer

    which one do you prefer and why? i currently have a keeley ts9dx that i love, but am intrigued by a ts type pedal with a bass knob or switch. think either one of these pedals would be a noticeable upgrade or would i be better off just keeping the keeley?
  6. sleewell2

    PSA - Friedman BE100 $2300 Los Angeles locals jump on this!

    damn. have seen 2 input versions go for that price but not the newer ones. great deal!
  7. sleewell2

    I want what this guy is smoking $5,200 bucks and I am struggling to see anything in there that is remotely valuable. did they legalize in MD and I didn't hear about it?
  8. sleewell2

    NAD (Fryette content)

    so this Fryette Sig X kicks all sorts of ass. I took it to band practice last night and was very pleased. I thought all the knobs and switches were going to be hard to dial in but I was actually quickly able to get some really great tones with most of the eq knobs around noon. for sure the more...
  9. sleewell2

    Blades amps

    Remember when he said there were too many people doing the same mods and everyone was charging too much for an amp? Now he is doing the same type of modded amps and he is somehow charging 3k for something that looks trashy as fuck. Has anyone seen gut shots beyond that first disaster he...