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    Marshallmel is another good one!!

    Picked up @marshallmel 's Suhr he had listed here, EXCELLENT communication, packing and amazingly nice guitar. Could not have gone smoother. Thank you again for a great deal and beautiful guitar!
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    Beandust is a good guy

    Reached out about a guitar I was thinking about selling and ended up being in town as well. Well we met up and as expected less than 1 degree of separation from a good number of musician friends. Great guy, simple and easy transaction and was happy to move a guitar I was not vibing with and...
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    alan67 one of the good guys!!

    Just wanted to share a great experience with @alan67 , Excellent communication and PACKING! Guitar made it safe and sound and far exceeded my expectations. Thanks again!!
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    FSOT: Jalen Mad Man Set double cream SOLD

    Yep same set that were here just a week ago, cool sounding but just not my thing in my guitar. This is Jalen’s EBMM EVH copy, 17.5k bridge and 15k neck. SOLD
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    Boutique Seymour Duncan Distortion ?

    Its time for a new pu for my San Dimas and am thinking a DD is the next step . But curious if there is a better version, dont get me wrong I love SD pu’s just curious if anyone has tried something a little better. Been thru: Stock JB- fine but the usual complaints Suhr SSH- too vintage and a...
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    Well never thought I would sell this but here it is, this was a bucket list amp for me but time to move on and try something different. Lots of info out there on these discontinued amps, probably the best Clean channel on a channel switcher. Can do big and bold or sparkly and spanky. OD channel...
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    I have a pair each of the WGS's was going to do the Friedman thing but changed my mind and realized I bought mixed impedances: 2-WGS Vet 30's 16ohm SOLD 2-WGS Green Beret 8ohms SOLD one of these is BRAND new never had signal thru it and one is used in very good condition. I have proper...
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    halfnote !

    Great buyer, easy to get in touch with via text and email. Thanks again!
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    Its April and I want a BE-OD!

    That's all have been saving and waiting patiently for the pedals, any update on delivery for BE-OD's? :rock:
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    A better, more flexible Dual Rectifier?

    So ive had a 3ch rec for a while and find Im mostly using the Clean/raw/vintage modes . But these are not really strong parts for these amps, so what would be a better more refined amp? KSR, Fryette Sig X, Randall 667??? Still want 3 channels/ footswitchable modes 6l6's, fx loop .. Go! Thanks!