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    Stolen Marshall 2555SL on Ebay

    Just wanted to give everyone a heads up on this amp.. I sold it to this seller in April 2019, I didn't request signature confirmation with my fedex tracking. When the item was delivered "to the customer" per fedex tracking I thought everything was good. He waited 5 days and told ebay the amp...
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    Pedal order assist needed- Friedman Buffer Bay

    I'm not an effects guy..... but I'm going to try out a new Friedman Buffer Bay when it arrives and I want to know the best way to order my effects to prevent loading and loss of high end/volume etc. All pedals going straight into the front of the amp: Boss TU2, CAE Boost/Line driver, Boss DD3...
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    Chris Holmes EVH connection....

    Not sure if you guys saw this... early days -R_ZqlSvum4
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    Used gear prices

    what in hell is going on??????
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    Man, Sammy Haggar still ripping the vocals at 71

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    BE 100 vs Kitchen Sink Marshall

    Can anyone lay out the circuit differences (if any) between the BE mode of the BE 100 and a Kitchen sink mod BE? Is the preamp circuit the same and if not what exactly are the differences? I've read the "snubber" values are different for instance... how does that alter the tone?
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    Friedman BE 100 latest version VS BE 100 Deluxe

    Hey, wondering if anyone has checked out the differences between the latest version of the BE 100 with four toggles on the front and the round indicator light and the Deluxe? Is the BE channel the same? same circuit? preamp filtering the same? I know some changes have been made to the power...
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    Black Swan

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    Ceriatone Molecular

    Have you guys heard this new Atomica based model? I had two plexi reissues that Dave modded for me to the Atomica specs and they sounded really good... not sure why I sold them but whatever. The only cons for me with ceriatone is the generic headbox and those transformers they use (I'm told...
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    Board is infested with Canadian pharmacy spam..

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    Anybody here from the Burnsville MN area?

    I need someone to ship me an amp.. pm me and I can explain. :rock:
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    I got these years ago, tried them out, dont like them. They are still like new.. Selling for SOLD stock photo but that is what they look like.
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    6550 recommendations

    Looking for current production only.. at a decent price. I like a brighter tube that is still somewhat balanced.. I do not want all bass and treble with no mids, if that helps. What are you using and why?
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    Cliff Jack questions

    When a cliff jack switch goes "bad" what does that mean exactly? Is it just oxidation build up? How do I know if a cliff jack is passing the full signal from the preamp section to the power section in an effects loop using cliff jacks? Is it possible to measure the resistance when its...
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    Boss PQ 4 into a 2203

    Has anyone tried this pedal... sounds pretty damn good... I want one tDV7ChGd3Dk
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    Anyone here repair Boss pedals?

    My Boss GE7 died a sudden death... probably something simple? light still comes on but passes no signal. its just a mute switch now. Any help appreciated
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    JCM 800 wank

    switching between the boss and ZW overdrive set about the same.. hard to tell a difference? N5cpulh--cg