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  1. MantraSky

    Friedman Modifications Experience

    Recently Dave did some additional modifications to my BE-100, great experience, pretty quick turn around (3 wks) for being so busy as he is. I referenced a couple of my old ‘68 & ‘75 Marshall Superleads (Arrendondo & Jackson modified) from Dave's ingenuity the sounds are responsive and...
  2. MantraSky

    best boost/overdrive for the BE100

    I really like my Analogman KOT, I've been using it for a number of years, sounds great with my BE-100 body with fullness and cuts through.
  3. MantraSky

    Friedman BE100

  4. MantraSky

    Friedman BE100

    My all time favorite amp.... I referenced my '68 & '75 Marshall Superleads (Arrendondo and Jackson modified) with Dave's ingenuity for tone & reliability, wonderful amp.....
  5. MantraSky

    Dave....what EL34's are reliable today? JJ's still junk?

    Electro-Harmonix EL34 EH have worked out really well for the last few years. JJ E34L sounded really nice a bit more fuller sounding than the EH. TAD EL34 sounded great with tonal complexity but was a little inconsistent. (BE-100)........
  6. MantraSky

    Old JB VS New, or Bareknuckle Holy Diver

    I absolutely love the Holydiver Calibrated set in my Charvel CS aggressive to smooth, very articulative "vocalizing" single notes, organic sounding when adjusting the guitar volume to lower-levels. Great vintage-like meets modern voice for rock/hard rock to jazz, fusion, progressive & finger...
  7. MantraSky

    It’s time to upgrade the board

    Love the "Dark Mode" for my tired old eyes :)
  8. MantraSky

    It’s time to upgrade the board

    This is Great News, Wonderful Forum.....
  9. MantraSky

    Suhr User Gallery.

    Suhr Standard are my favorite along with CAA PT-100
  10. MantraSky

    What are you guys running for pre amp tubes?

    I love this setup in my BE-100 V1 & V2 Tung-Sol 12AX7 V3 & V4 Ruby 12AX7AC5 HG (Stocked and good to go for years)
  11. MantraSky

    AmpRx BrownBox useful for the BE100?

    I was just wondering if any of the Forum "Friedman user's" had any experience with this device? The BE100 states on the back of the amp that 120vac is the maximum voltage, on the BrownBox has a percentage switch 3,4,6 & 10% reduction from the main input. "What's a great range to set it?" (or...
  12. MantraSky

    BE100 Hum problem "please help"

    Hello Dave, I seem to be having a "Hum" problem with my BE100. Here's the best description: Amp > Cabinet "Nothing" plugged in = Hum? Thanks.
  13. MantraSky

    Friedman Christmas

    Thank you guy's. My son's SLO next to my BE100 (I was a long time SLO fan, still is but the EL34 tone of the BE Kills).
  14. MantraSky

    Friedman Christmas

    From my Son \../ Coffee Time
  15. MantraSky

    Friedman BE100

    The BE100 has been a great amp, loving the tones ever since the Modifications, great Cleans to Gain. Awesome in the studio and engineers love its versatility and ease of adjustments! :)