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  1. Dino 939

    Anybody ever wonder?

    If when there finally is a Singularity and Super A.I. can create the point of consciousness in milliseconds and begin to rewrite Earths history.... AND,..if there is a God, like the almighty one, HE HAS TO FIGHT the almighty machine. One on One. So...what happens if God turns that bucket of...
  2. Dino 939

    Any Statesboro Blues cats out there?

    Hello pickers, any of you dude's into Allman's? Hey you,... yeah YOU! Put some bottleneck on it. F*** me, this tune right here..a lifelong smorgasbord of technicolor to your licks. For dude's unaware, Live At The Fillimore East, The Allman Brothers Band ,Statesboro Blues.