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    Reverb's been hacked ...

    Yep, someone tried to sign me up for 6 user licenses to Netflix for $600 plus and billed me via email. Too bad it's the wrong email and our Netflix account is in my wife's name. Nice try scammers.
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    Are there any good Plexi kits?

    I've done 60's Mustards in two of mine, so don't think the SoZo's are expensive. You'll pay 3-5 times more for a complete set of Mustard caps from the 60's.
  3. Scumback Speakers

    Are there any good Plexi kits?

    I went with the Metro (now Valvestorm) kits 5 times. Got them with upgraded SoZo signal caps (the high end ones, not the base SoZo's), Mercury trannies and NOS glass. Pretty frigging close to a real Plexi at that point, as I've had them side by side using a Metro amp switcher to flip back and...
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    So I returned an item on Ebay because it wasn't fully functional, now the seller say his accounts are locked and can't refund my CC

    This is what I would do. In the future, always pay with a credit card so you can use the credit card company as leverage with this type of problem. That's why they get their 3% fees, just in case this crap happens.
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    ebays new payment man!!!?

    I just checked good old PayPal since I got a large payment in from overseas. They raised the international conversion/convenience/rapage fee from 4.45% to 4.6% this year. Not a huge bump, but when you quote the buyer one fee and it goes higher then they look at you funny. Needless to say, if I...
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    I sent you a PM about the amp for one of my clients with his contact info.
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    Winged C labeling ?

    I thought the important part was that they were brown bases, so I'm not sure what the codes mean. Sorry.
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    Paul Gilbert Snortin’ Whiskey

    I didn't know Paul Gilbert could sing. Learn something new every day.
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    Anyone own a Les Paul Replica?

    A client came over with his LP replica on Friday with his BrandonWound pickups. He played my Keebler darkburst replica with the JWP pickups...he's ditching his BW set for the Darkburst/Godwood combo now.
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    <please delete>

    Wow, same name but in Wichita? The Curt Mitchell I know lived near Reno, NV. This does look like it's about another guy.
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    <please delete>

    Wow, Curt Mitchell was one of my clients. I talked to him on the phone dozens of times up till 2010/2011. None of this sounds like the Curt I knew. He had Charvel endorsements amongst other MI industry people as well. This leaves me totally baffled...and sad.
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    Anyone own a Les Paul Replica?

    Depends what music I'm playing that day. I've got three PAF loaded Gibsons, 6 Jim Wagner loaded guitars (5 Gibsons, 1 Strat). It's hard to choose between them all when they all sound superb, you know? I can tell you that the pots/caps upgrades make a big difference, so don't cheap out on those.
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    Anyone own a Les Paul Replica?

    I have two LP replicas. The top one has an early Patent # neck pickup (same as a PAF in my case), while the bridge is a real PAF from a 61 SG. Old Black Beauty Sprague caps/pots/etc with Historic plastic, no wire ABR-1, lightweight tailpiece. The bottom one has Jim Wagner Darkburst neck pickup...
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    Apparently this thread was hot for a minute. So busy I missed the whole thing.
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    Les Paul pics please.. let’s see what ya got

    I've got too many pics. I'll post three... 59 replica I had bulit. Keebler burst replica. 63 LP/SG Jr. I had converted to a Fool SG replica.
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    Old speakers worn out?

    If you run your speakers near their power limit, they usually wear out faster. A quad of 25w will get more exercise than a quad of 65w given the same amount of power sent. It's like driving a's not going to last as long at 120 mph vs 60 mph due to the increased rpm. Same type thing...
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    PRS Archon Speaker Recommendations?

    PRS ordered 16 65w M75-PVC's from me for those amps a few years back. But not within your $100 budget.
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    Old speakers worn out?

    It all depends on how they were used during their lifetime. Pound them hard endlessly, they're going to wear out. In the 80's with my club band, I pounded them 5 hours per night, 5 nights a week for three years (minus two weeks off per year for vacation). They sounded good. But I didn't run them...
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    How would you configure these speakers?

    @ledvedder, you really need to just try what you've got and figure out what you like the best. I don't have the speakers you have, obviously I make my own, so other than the large vs small pairing, you'll have to figure out what works in what with your rig.
  20. Scumback Speakers

    How would you configure these speakers?

    1x12's one at a time, can't mix or it gets weird with both at once. 2x12 by itself, no problem.