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  1. Spaceboy

    Audio recording software for noob

    Reaper is a great free and fully functional DAW. I started with Audacity, it's much simpler to use but eventually you'll outgrow it. I think it's worth considering for it's simplicity. It's also free. But, one thing to consider it that you're going to need some sort of audio interface in...
  2. Spaceboy

    Say something bad about the Shure GLXD16 wireless

    i guess technically all digital conversion has some latency but its nothing noticeable with the shure. ive walked all around my home playing, and the only detectable latency is from the sound waves coming back to my ears from across the house.
  3. Spaceboy

    Say something bad about the Shure GLXD16 wireless

    I've had the GLXD16 for a few days, only messed around at home with it, and loving it. I'll try it at band practice tomorrow. i was worried that going wireless would introduce some perceived latency, especially since I also have some digital effects in my effects loop, but I don't feel any...
  4. Spaceboy

    1979 Marshall 2203. Fair asking price?

    I have bought and sold four late '70s 2203/2204s in the past four years, $1200 being the most I've spent. Yeah, things online sell for more than in person. Just camp out on Craigslist and be willing to make a small drive, and someone save a lot of money.
  5. Spaceboy

    1979 Marshall 2203. Fair asking price?

    Do not look at Reverb sales for real world prices. Reverb is always inflated compared to what you should pay in person. I bought a '79 2203 about six months ago for $1200. People have been saying the price of older Marshalls are skyrocketing for the past like three years, because they spend...
  6. Spaceboy

    NAD: Axe FX III

    I ordered one yesterday. I’ve been messing with the FM3 but recently ordered a desk with rack spaces to keep shit tidy. I bought a Kemper recently, I might have to let it and the FM3 go to justify the III. We’ll see... I offloaded a bunch of amps during covid and keep replacing them with...
  7. Spaceboy

    NGD... I feel like I practically stole it...

    I don't know anything about these guitars but that thing looks wicked.
  8. Spaceboy

    I don't care for Marshall's

    ^ Yup, those sound great too. I've had a few, just sold one a few months back. I prefer the Jubilee and later '84ish 2203s though. Those JMP 2203s don't have as much of the crisp pick attack that I want that JCMs a few years later have. Just a little more oldschool in flavor, but can get...
  9. Spaceboy

    I don't care for Marshall's

    Here's another tall order for the thread... I think the OG Jubilee is the best sounding amp Marshall ever built.
  10. Spaceboy

    I don't care for Marshall's

    i think all fenders sound like ass and have never been impressed with a fender tone that wasn't live neil young we all got shit we don't like
  11. Spaceboy

    Who's got the quad cortex?

    The flanger in this video made me laugh out loud. It's so hilariously bad.
  12. Spaceboy

    Did Rondomusic stop production of many guitars?

    Oh, wow. Just ordered an AL from them like a year back. The AL knockoffs were the only guitars I really liked nd I've been using their guitars as cheap mod platforms for probably a decade. All that goofy metal shit was for the SS org babies.
  13. Spaceboy

    Friedman Be-Mini

    idk, seems a toy to me but this website design and functionality is hideous. way to go, nstuff, looks like you hired a bootcamp grad.
  14. Spaceboy

    Say something bad about the Shure GLXD16 wireless

    damnit, you guys had one job here goes 500 bucks thanks a lot
  15. Spaceboy

    Say something bad about the Shure GLXD16 wireless

    Talk me out of spending 500 bucks on this thing.
  16. Spaceboy

    Worst amp you have ever played

    Model T
  17. Spaceboy

    New Sepultura

    “We used every type of amp like Diesel, EVH, Marshall, and even an Orange.” Although, it was recorded with Jens Bogren, and he’s been known to use plugins for recorded tones before.
  18. Spaceboy

    Finally Got My Hands On A Vader Cab

    I had some Vaders for awhile. The speakers sound like shit, and the truck bed lining years apart incredibly easy compared to tolex. They look badass though!
  19. Spaceboy

    Talk me out of the AXE FX III

    Cliff is a snarky cocksucker, and that ain’t about being from New England. I’ve worked construction for most of my life, busting balls and being an ass is second nature to people in my line. You won’t get by in a union if you can’t take it and dish it right back out. Cliff would catch some...
  20. Spaceboy

    Talk me out of the AXE FX III

    VSTs are very, very quickly closing the gap between hardware modelers and cheap plugins. If your needs are mostly recording/home practice, at this point it could be argued that your money is better spent elsewhere than on something like the Axe FX III. If you're planning to go direct live...