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    Testing new Nitrocellulose Source

    More tomato soupy than red.... Is that rattle can? Preval ? pressure gun ? Digging your builds, keep them coming :rock:
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    George Lynch WTF?

    Richie Kotzen he aint.....that was gnarly and I love Lynch
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    Pulling the trigger on a Wizard MC25

    Awesome, congrats on the incoming! . I had rehearsal #2 last night with the band I mentioned above and the MC25 simply crushed it. That amp sounds so ridiculously good, no pedals, no nothin'......I would also consider looking into Mather Cabs for a vertical 2x12 like mine, perfect match all...
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    Pulling the trigger on a Wizard MC25

    I support your choice(s)! Couple things....I'm heading into year 4 with my MC25, its freaking nuts. Volume has never been an issue with a loud drummer or bass player in the mix (3 piece). This aint your normal 25 watt amp, it ate my old Bogner 50 watt Helios in every category. I'm getting...
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    Finished Acoustically Treating My Tiny Room

    Yes. Friedman is already into it, his prototype foam samples are in the hands of his "amp testers", play through videos are in final editing now with quarter turn panel comparisons. Cameron is sleeping on his own foam prototypes so unknown if we will see them before Summer NAMM :rock:
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    So how far out there does the second boost take it? Funny I’m hesitant to even mess with the amp sending it back to Rick for updates, but that seems like viable addition...wonder if he re voiced it? Congrats on the quick sale too
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    Haha prob why Rick has hit me up to send mine back for updates 😏 Learn something new everyday. These amps are nuts, somebody is going to be very happy
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    Epic amp...unless Rick switched it up there’s just one pull “boost” function per channel, the other one just switches the channels manually 😏 GLWS RE the 50 / 100 watt comparison, I just did a first rehearsal with a new band, pretty loud with a drummer that hits hard and brought only my...
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    Carol-Ann Amps...

    I went down that rabbit hole too...of the 3 I had I liked the OD2r the best. In the end it I moved even that one, the sound wasn't enough for me to overcome the dumb name 😂 Mentoneman had some killer demos of that little amp. Alan always seems to have one foot in both the bitter dude /...
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    Douchbag of the Year Award

    Missing Steve K. right about now, he would have some epic thoughts on this I’m 100% sure 😂
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    Pete Thorn demos Mick Mars Dr. Feelgood Marshall

    Thanks Donnie B. I just found the info too :rock:
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    Pete Thorn demos Mick Mars Dr. Feelgood Marshall

    I want to know about that 2 knob Les Paul copy he's playing.....
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    EVH vs PRS vs Marshall mini heads.... Cage Match

    I haven't been in the same room with one but have heard the same re the MT15. Thing to remember and that dude stresses here is the bang for the buck...
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    Earthless - Electric Flame

    Check their other live clips, the guy just goes off endlessly and it never comes across as sheer wanking :rock:
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    EVH vs PRS vs Marshall mini heads.... Cage Match

    These guys have some great demos and this is no exception.... little fire breathers for sure. Lots going on with the newer breed of small format heads
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    Regale me with your Wizard amp experiences

    Pulled my board out of mothballs and used my Koko boost with the MC25 for the first time.....can confirm it works killer with that head as well, especially on the clean(er) / rhythm side to push it to dirty tones when the gain is backed off, different vibe for sure.
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    Amp pics .. post them

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    Yes or no?

    Great color combo
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    Michael Schenker Rock Bottom solo cover

    Kick ass, great playing as usual :rock:
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    Mr Scary Isolated Guitar

    Every fill was punched in, some of it doesn't even sound like the same rig. Agree there are some craptacular tones in there, but it works on the final print.....