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  1. BrentSSL

    Looking for pickups

    Bump still looking
  2. BrentSSL

    Looking for pickups

    Oh and 81bridges not neck pickups
  3. BrentSSL

    Looking for pickups

    Looking for EMG pickups 2 81s and 2 60s or an 85 I prefer the ones with the All. CAPS logo. I have heard they changed the voicing after that run ended. Let me know thank you
  4. BrentSSL

    Myasnikov Preamp Boogie Mark IIC+/IV Brand New

    I'd love to try that in person what is that I've never seen one before.
  5. BrentSSL

    Guitar center going under concern

    Hey so I just bought a Helix and a head rush from GC with the performance guarantee for 3 years. I found to great deals on these used the helix even had its box and plastic still on it. So should I return these and look elsewhere? Or maybe dump the performance guarantee thing? I'm concerned they...
  6. BrentSSL

    What small power amp should I use with a Helix or axe fx

    I have a 1x12 v30 cab at 8 ohms and using a helix. I was wondering what power amp should I go with the micro block 45 or the mooer baby bomb? I'd like it more then 20 watts.
  7. BrentSSL

    Want to buy English Celeste should be 30 8 ohm or cabinet

    Looking for an English v30 eight ohms by itself or in a 112 cab
  8. BrentSSL

    Pedal purge!!

    I'm the first owner on the decimator, wah, and the flashback these have never been gigged. I still have the box for the delay and wah they were purchased around Christmas.
  9. BrentSSL

    Mesa head and cab 1100.00

    Mesa rectoverb head and 2x12 for sale 1100.00 firm. This is an earlier version sn219 it has Mesa tubes. I do believe it has the Schumacher transformers in earlier rectifiers sounds great. Comes with foot switch and power cable and cable shipping cost will vary.
  10. BrentSSL

    Using an Eq vs Boosting

    So I have tried many boost pedals and for my application I landed on the grid slammer by Mesa boogie. It seems to work well for what I need to give my fatter guitars more edge. I have also been experimenting with an EQ in front of the amp the MXR 10 band. I'm having a little trouble deciding on...
  11. BrentSSL

    Best auto wah pedal

    I'm looking for a Auto wah pedal for Kirk Hammett leads and solos but mainly to play The intro to bodies by drowning pool. I have a morally bad horsey 2 which does the job. However it seems to color my tone too much. I was hoping to save some real estate on the board by using auto wah instead...
  12. BrentSSL

    Delete please

  13. BrentSSL

    Guitar wiring issue

    Okay so I have two guitars same wood same pickups one of them sounds more aggressive than the other one sounds spongy and not as sharp. The only differences are one has tens one has a nines. Also I possibly had the volume pot replaced in the black one. Here are the pictures of the control...
  14. BrentSSL

    Best chorus pedal for effects loop.

    Title says it all what's the best chorus pedal for an effects loop. I have tried to TC electronics Corona chorus and a mxr micro chorus. Running a Mesa rectoverb with a parallel effects loop thinking about possibly modding it to series. Thoughts and opinions please.
  15. BrentSSL

    Power supply and portal board question

    Has anyone tried the True tone stuff how does it stack up against voodoo labs? Can you mount a truetone power supply with the mounting brackets for a voodoo labs? I'm looking at The ghostfire pedal board on Amazon what do you guys think?
  16. BrentSSL

    Building a rig trying to work out the kinks

    Okay so I have a Mesa rectoverb with a parallel loop. I have a TC electronics flashback 2 delay which has a kill dry feature that is engaged for the parallel loop. I wanted to try my mxr micro chorus in the loop and nothing happens unless I have the delay on. Even with the delay on you can...
  17. BrentSSL

    Delete please

    The Friedman and mxr were bought new and are very lightly used. The bad monkey was a purchase from eBay works as it should no serious dings or dents. I haven't played out in years these petals I've only been used in my house.
  18. BrentSSL

    Tried a tube screamer for the first time last night.

    So I finally tried out a tube screamer in this case it is the mini one. I do have a DigiTech bad monkey but I always thought it compressed and I made things sound too tingy. I'm loving the tube screamer mini thinking about picking up one of its bigger Brothers. There's the maxon od808 and...
  19. BrentSSL

    Noise Gates?

    So I've been using the same Decimator for years now it does what its suppose to and to be clear I'm talking specifically the first Decimator. My question is what new gate technology is there? Am I missing something because all I here about is the NS 2 and Decimators. Should I upgrade the...
  20. BrentSSL

    Buying pickups

    Specifically looking for Duncan designed Hb-103 let me know if you have a set you want to sell.